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Her Overdose Went Viral, But She Calls It A Blessing In Disguise Now That She's Sober

It was the sort of shocking video that people share on social media without thinking: a young woman slumped in the front seat of her car after crashing into another parked vehicle. While stories and pictures about drug abuse make headlines, we often forget the people at the heart of the situations. For the young woman in that viral video, Katrina Henry, the embarrassing scene was the first step on her road to recovery.

Warning: some viewers may find this video disturbing.

Posted by Jon Adams on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

In an interview with Fox 59, Henry revealed the long and twisted path that lead her to drug addiction. She was once a happy student and a cheerleader who loved to draw, but skeletons in her closet lead her to abuse pain pills.

After that, Henry's self-destructive cycle got worse and worse, leading her into a cocaine addiction and the overdose that was viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook.

"They took me to the hospital, handcuffed me to the bed. I died. I overdosed and died," Henry said. But after a month in a recovery and therapy program, Henry is thankful for the video, because hitting "rock bottom" made her finally confront her demons.

After years of feeling like a "failure and a loser," Henry is learning to enjoy life without drugs once again.

She's sharing her own story as a reminder to everyone that even at your lowest point, you can turn your life around.

"I just had to have it taken away from me, or almost taken away from me, in order for me to feel like I am worth something. That maybe I am here for a reason."

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