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UPS Driver Starts A Secret Facebook Group For Dogs, And You'll Want To Join

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UPS Dogs / Facebook

After being a secret for years, a Facebook page for UPS drivers has finally been been revealed to the public, and you'll want to join.

Dogs and mailmen are normally thought of as mortal enemies, and we've even shared proof that pets and postal workers simply do not mix. But the UPS Dogs Facebook page is breaking stereotypes by showing the close bonds that develop between drivers and their "route dogs."

More than 200,000 people follow the group, from actual UPS drivers to regular people who love dogs and the sweet stories the drivers share. "UPS drivers deliver packages all day long," the page's description says.

“During that time many dogs are met, good and bad. If there is time during the day snap a shot and send it in.”

And drivers have delivered for the past five years, sending in photos of friendly dogs who cross their paths during the long hours they spend hauling packages. The page's creator Sean McCarren was inspired by his own 17 years wearing the famous brown uniform.

UPS Dogs creator Sean McCarren.UPS Dogs / Facebook

And now that the company has found out about the page, they've shared some good news...

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