10 Bizarre Foods That Kids Today Would Never Even Try


10 Bizarre Foods That Kids Today Would Never Even Try

If you've ever flipped through old cookbooks from the 1950's you know that it was truly an odd time for the American cuisine. Whether you lived though the time or you remember your grandmother talking about these dishes, they are certainly something that will stick with you.

Thank goodness some of these food pairings aren't considered common anymore.

1. Vegetable and Tuna JELLO Wreath

A once Christmas tradition, this had everything from stuffed olives, to drained and flaked canned tuna, cucumber and celery all in Lime or Lemon JELLO. Why did people hate their families?

Get the recipe here.

2. Frosted Ribbon Loaf

Even the name has me gagging a little. Ham, eggs and "frosting" have no business being in a loaf together. No thanks.

3. Jellied Tomato Refresher

Where do I even start with this one? Is this a drink? Why did they feel the need to add gelatin to it? How could this possibly be refreshing? So many questions that need answers.

4. Orange Delight Pie

There is nothing delightful about this. Also, in no way should this qualify as a pie. It's essentially cream cheese mixed with orange Kool-Aid powder. Apparently this pie won $10,000 as the runner-up prize from Pillsbury back in the day. I wonder who won?

5. Christmas Candle Salad

Another 'festive' recipe, this 'salad' mixes gelatin (of course), cranberry juice cocktail, bananas, almonds, salad greens and wait for it... mayonnaise. Yup!

They get worse from here...

6. Lime and Cheese Salad

Why did everything from the 50's involve lime JELLO? This one has to be the worst going though. It combines the JELLO, cottage cheese, mayo and seafood. No thanks!

7. Summer Salad Pie

I don't know how this list can keep getting worse, but it just does. I bring you the "Summer Salad Pie." With a cheese pie shell, billed with lemon gelatin, tomato sauce, stuffed olives and of course tuna salad. This is definitely a gag-worthy creation

8. Frozen Fruitcake Salad

On top of everything having JELLO in it, it was all loosely defined as a 'salad.' As if fruitcake wasn't bad enough, we had to freeze it, which would later force a trip to the dentist. Why would anyone make this, let alone eat it?

9. Ham, Bananas and Hollandaise Sauce

WHY!? I don't know who thought this combination would be an appetizing one, but here it is on the list.

10. Party Potato Salad

Why scoop potato salad when you can slice it? There's just something wrong with this as a whole. It of course has gelatin in it as well, because which recipe doesn't?

We tried some vintage recipes out for ourselves.

See our results here.

I bet you're glad some of these fads don't exist anymore! I know we do.

Which recipe do you remember? Share with us in the comments.

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