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10 Completely Bizarre Things Cats Do That You'll Never Understand

There is something that is just extra special about owning a cat. They have a lot more personality than some like to let on, and it always seems to manifest itself in the strangest of ways.

While the general population may not know this, if you own a cat you know the truth. Owners have been sharing the strangest things their cats do, and it's pretty unbelievable.

Her are the top 10 results from the "odd things my cats do" trend!

1. They can get a little vain

2. Well maybe they wish they were a mermaid?

3.They miss you when you leave them!

4. I'm sure he had a reason...

5. He is stylish.

6. That's one way to get some fresh air I guess?

7. They just want to be a part of what you're doing.

8. Can you blame them? Pringles are good!

9. It's a good movie okay!

10. Barbie is a friend to all!

What does your cat do?

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