America's "Most Organized Woman" Reveals Her 10 Best Tricks

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America's "Most Organized Woman" Reveals Her 10 Best Tricks

Is your home a mess? That was a trick question. Whether we admit it or not, we're all unhappy with how cluttered and unorganized our homes are.

Unless, of course, you're Alejandra Costello. Named one of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV, this self-dubbed "creative organizing expert" shares brilliant home-tidying tips on her YouTube channel.

Be sure to check out all of her great advice, but if you're ready to simplifying your life right now, we've collected Alejandra's 10 best tips so you can get a head start.

1. Choose function over looks

Alejandra Costello

This is a photo of Alejandra's purse from her video on keeping your bag organized. Notice anything? Yes, it's not exactly glamorous, but it's full of pockets to help keep the inside tidy.

Just like when it comes to purses, sacrifice looks for usefulness pretty much anywhere in your home and you'll cut a lot of hassle out of your life.

2. Use a splash of color

Alejandra Costello

There's a reason Alejandra organizes everything from her home office to her closet and dresser by color: it's the easiest way to spot just what you need with one look.

Buy a pack of colored folders for your filing cabinet and you won't have to dig through every scrap of paper to find something.

3. Get serious about your pantry

Alejandra Costello

The pantry is probably the most intense part of Alejandra's home, and for good reason.

A change as small as moving dry foods into clear containers will make things much neater, but to go the extra mile make some homemade lazy susans using marbles and baking pans.

4. Work a little bit every day

Alejandra Costello

After seeing pictures of her home you may be wondering, how did Alejandra manage all this?

Well, Rome wasn't built in a day. She spends 30 minutes before bed tidying her home. Imagine the results you could get if you tried the same thing!

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If even Costello couldn't make your house look tidy, try adding a little extra motivation to your life.

Or maybe you need to get your life on track before tackling your home. This clever journal system is an easy way to organize your thoughts on paper!

Whatever works for you, find the best solution and start applying it every day!

5. Double up on containers

Alejandra Costello

To make the most of your home's storage space, add some more storage space. You can divide your drawers, or add a second shelf to your cupboards to multiply your free space.

6. Get your kids involved

Alejandra Costello

The best way to keep your childrens' rooms clean is to get them involved in cleaning. To do that, you need to make chores seem fun.

Alejandra puts colored stickers on children's books and toys, so they can match the sticker on the toy box or shelf and have fun putting things away.

7. Put a limit on clutter

Alejandra Costello

If your house is constantly being invaded by one thing - magazines, books, DVDs - make a rule to keep them organized.

Every time a new one gets brought home, an old one should be moved into storage, given away or tossed out.

8. Pick one project

Alejandra Costello

Finishing a number of small tasks in a row will keep you motivated to tidy the whole house. The problem is people bite off more than they can chew and get exhausted.

Remember to narrow in on specific messes, like your junk drawer, and work at them until you're satisfied.

9. Label everything

Alejandra Costello

So you've packed everything up in boxes and moved it into the garage. Good job. But what will you do when you need something from that box?

Labeling your storage spaces saves you an extra job later, so don't leave anything in your house unmarked.

10. Get creative!

Alejandra Costello

Alejandra finds extra storage space everywhere. No matter which room of your house is messy, she's probably invented some genius hack to make more room, so let her ideas fuel yours!

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