11 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Gift Alternatives

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11 Eco-Friendly and Affordable Gift Alternatives

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We can all do our part in helping the environment, such as staying away from disposable products and opting for reusable ones. But some people may find it difficult to start, and we can encourage them by giving eco-friendly gifts whether or not there’s a special occasion. With that being said, here are 10 eco-friendly and affordable gift alternatives you can consider.

1. LastObject Face Rounds

LastRound makeup remover pads are a wonderful gift idea for anyone you know with a skincare routine. These face rounds or cotton rounds are made from organic materials that are neither harmful to your skin nor the environment.

These are also reusable (you can reuse them for up to 1,750 times or more) unlike disposable cotton rounds that make their way to landfills and the ocean! And they come in an eco-friendly plant-based case.

2. Bees’ Wrap Food Wraps

Do you know anyone who loves being in the kitchen? Then Bee’s Wrap Food Wraps is just what you are looking for! This handmade product is made of organic cotton that’s infused with ethically sourced beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil.

It is also reusable, washable, and fully biodegradable. All you need is soap and water, and it’s ready to be used again, and again, and again! And since it is plastic-free, it will keep food fresh for much longer.

3. Bamboo Dental Floss

In my opinion, bamboo dental floss makes the perfect stocking stuffer! If you care about your dental health, going plastic-free, want environmentally friendly products and/or are vegan then this is perfect. After usage, you can throw it into your compost pile where it will naturally biodegrade so you don't have to worry about creating unnecessary waste and impurity.

4. Tiyafuro Kitchen Compost Bin

Want your loved ones to experience producing their own compost? Gift them with a Tiyafuro Kitchen Compost Bin. This simple bin only takes very little space as it fits right under the sink. You can also hang it on your countertop and not be bothered by it, because it comes with a lid

It’s a great way to produce less household waste, and your loved ones can add the finished compost to their garden soil.

5. Natural Earth Paint Kit

Do you need gift ideas for kids? Look no further! Natural Earth Paint Kit is exactly what you need. As the name implies, this 100% non-toxic gift idea is created with natural earth pigments, gum arabic, and organic corn starch. It can have either a creamy consistency or a watercolor consistency, depending on how much water you mix it with.

It also comes with a paintbrush made of bamboo, biodegradable mixing cups with lids, and a booklet with eco-friendly craft tutorials. Lastly, it’s easily washable, making it the perfect gift for kids who love art.

6. Hiware Reusable Straws

We all used straws at one point in life. It makes drinking beverages easier and more convenient. But if any of your loved ones still use disposable straws, it’s time that you gift them with Hiware Reusable Straws. These are stainless steel, BPA and lead-free, plastic-free, dishwasher safe, and do not have any metal aftertaste.

They also come with long nylon cleaning brushes to keep them clean after every use. And they come in a portable bag made of natural cotton, so your loved one can use them conveniently anytime and anywhere.

7. Ariv Bath Towels

Here’s a gift idea that you can never go wrong with: bath towels. Because, well, everyone takes a bath! So, why not give them something they can use daily that will not harm the environment?

Ariv Bath Towels are made of 70% natural cotton and 30% bamboo cotton, making them highly absorbent and durable. They are also so gentle to the skin, your loved ones will definitely enjoy using them after a refreshing bath.

8. Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrush

An eco-friendly toothbrush is another wonderful gift idea for anyone. For instance, Greenzla Bamboo Toothbrushes are made of ethically sourced natural materials, which make them great for the environment.

These toothbrushes are gentle to the teeth due to the soft bristles. They are also comfortable to hold, thanks to the natural bamboo handle.  And you can expect these to last for as long as 12 months.

Seriously, brushing teeth has never been this satisfying.

9. O Naturals Black Soap Collection

Soaps are a cute gift for people of different ages. If you feel like giving these to your loved ones, then we highly suggest O Naturals Black Soap Collection. These are vegan cold-pressed, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. And their scent comes from essential oils.

These are also great for all skin types, so you don’t have to worry about possible allergic reactions during use.

10. Pure Earth Pets Toys and Treats

For loved ones who are fond of pets, Pure Earth Pets Toys and Treats are great gift ideas. It’s a subscription box that provides eco-friendly and natural toys and treats for their fur babies. Their shipping boxes are also biodegradable and are printed using soy ink.

Plus, a portion of their sales is donated to pet charities every month!

11. Regift

Whoever said regifting is a no-no doesn’t know how to live sustainably at all! It’s a wonderful way to maximize an item’s lifespan, especially if it will be useful to your loved one. So, if you have a book you have already read, an unused shirt that you bought on sale, or some accessories you no longer use, regift them!

These kinds of gifts can even hold more value than the usual gifts, because they tell a story.

You don’t need a fancy gift to make a difference in someone else’s life. Sometimes, all you need is a simple, eco-friendly gift that may or may not change your loved ones’ mind but will surely make a huge difference in the environment

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