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10 Impossibly Strange-Looking Animals That Don't Even Seem Real

Sure, we all love walking down the street and seeing our neighbors walking their huskies and German shepherds, and even that one random person who got a cat to walk with a leash.

However, have you ever seen an animal that just made you stop in your tracks and go "what is THAT?!" Well, I can guarantee you if you saw one of these 10 critters in the wild, you definitely would.

Bergamasco Shepherd


The Bergamasco is an Italian dog known for getting hair mattes that grow to the point of looking like giant scales. Looks uncomfortable, right? Well actually, it's not! The dog's mattes are quite natural, and actually help shield it from wind and the cold.

Glowing Sea Turtle

Science Alert

There are plenty of bioluminescent (meaning they generate their own natural light) creatures in the ocean, but it's only been in the last few years that researchers have found a species this huge. They think the glowing turtles use their light either as camouflage, or to communicate with each other.

Bedlington Terrier

Pets4Homes UK

The bedlington terrier looks like a poodle's older cousin who moved to the big city and got really into punk rock, thanks especially to their naturally-forming mohawks. On the downside, they have the personalities to match, as they're apparently known for being less than friendly with other dogs.



This basically looks like an armadillo and an anteater had a baby who's really, really into heavy metal. Found throughout Asia and Africa, the Pangolin has a long tongue used to eat ants and termites, and it's covered in a heavy keratin shell - the only mammal in the world to have this!

The critters just get more unreal from here...



A dog literally covered head to two in giant dreadlocks, the dog is a rare breed with a cult following that includes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Their coat needs to be trimmed regularly, otherwise it starts to drag along the ground.

Saiga Antelope

Sunny Skyz

This weird antelope hails from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and can be immediately recognized by its strange floppy nose. As it turns out, that nose helps it keep out dust and regulate its blood temperature.



Often referred to as a "Russian wolfhound," these greyhound offshoots have a name that literally means "fast," and they have the speed to match it. They're known for being very smart, hopelessly stubborn, and of course, absolutely bizarre-looking.

Dumbo Octopus


Yes, it's a tiny octopus named after the titular big-eared elephant from the Disney movie of the same name. They're found deep in oceans worldwide, and they're actually known by some of the deepest-dwelling octopi on the planet!

Peruvian Inca Orchid


This rare breed of dog has been around since around roughly 750 A.D., and are known for being agile, smart, and swift. They have a strange skin that comes in a variety of colors, and they even naturally grow mohawks!


Pets4Homes UK

A breed dating back to the Renaissance, the LowChen looks like what you could conceivably get by combining two entirely opposite sizes of dog. Note its tiny forelegs and massive (compared to the rest of it) rear legs.

What's the strangest creature you've ever seen?