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10 Laundry Hacks Guaranteed To Make Your Life Easier

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Laundry day is only fun for a tiny population of humans. If you're responsible for doing laundry for your family, this activity may turn into more of an ordeal.

Endless clothes sorting, crumpled outfits which need to be ironed and stains which refuse to come out are enough to bring the most hardy laundry warrior to tears. But with these great hacks, struggles on laundry day will be a thing of the past.

1. Pre-sort bins

To save time on laundry sorting, have a permanent position by the washing machine where you can set up three baskets for pre-sorting.

Label them so it's easier for children or visitors to know where to put their dirty clothes. It eliminates one step which can otherwise take ages on laundry day.

2. Eliminate grease stains using this easy method

Are you using detergent to remove stubborn grease stains? Just use white chalk instead. Simply rub it onto the stain and wait for a few minutes.

Repeat this a few more times until the stain has faded before tossing it into the wash. Baby powder will work as well for this. Both substances  are also known to remove lipstick stains.

3. Keep socks in mesh laundry bags

Somewhere in your house, there is a colony of missing socks trying to find their partners. To prevent your socks from going missing, mixed up, or just wasting time, trust us and purchase a mesh laundry bag.

You can find them in your local Target or most department stores. Have each member of your household keep one of these bags in their closet for their dirty socks. When laundry day arrives, simply pop them in the wash like normal and in the dryer afterwards.

The lingerie bags can even save you from sorting out the socks afterwards. Simply unload them into your sock drawer when they clean. This method works for stuffed animals as well.

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