10 Must-Use Apps and Platforms for Modern College Students

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10 Must-Use Apps and Platforms for Modern College Students

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Being a modern student is a major challenge. The world of education is changing so rapidly that it is vital to search for ways to catch up with its pace without going crazy. What a student's academic life is like today? It is hasty, deadline-filled, communication-unavoidable, and research-driven. Does it seem like it wouldn't mind a little help? It does. And here's where globally blamed gadgets come in handy. No modern study-driven student goes without a bunch of productivity apps to help one stay efficient and organized. Let us take a glimpse into their must-educational-downloads.

Memo Apps

Taking notes is an immense part of learning, so finding an organizing app that caters to your individual demands is half-way to great academic performance. Do you prefer typing to writing? Or you'd like to go for lectures' audio recording? Here're the best options:


Evernote has settled as one of the best note-taking apps for a couple of years already. What can be more engaging than a simple and minimalistic interface, a wise and clear memo organizing toolkit, and a mobile version of the app that makes it a must-use among the students?

Rev Voice Recorder

For those who hate both typing and handwriting, Rev Voice Recorder is a go-for tool. It allows you to record a lecture and turn it into a printable text and not worry about a missing word or sentence.

Writing Apps

A rare student doesn't struggle over essays trying to make the words work. Thus, apart from professional writing services, which offer complex solutions like writing in a narrative or an argumentative essay format, modern apps have made an attempt to put students at ease by introducing extremely helpful writing tools.


Those who major in literature face essays every other day. To make it simpler to remember the literary works you've read and going to write an essay about, CliffsNotes offers full-scale information about every significant detail of a book, its summary, critical reviews, and an audio option to digest the information on the go.


Citations are a must for any respectable essay or paper. But typing those format symbols for hours is grueling. EasyBib provides you with a simple solution - type the title, and the app will do the rest. Now copypaste, and the most tedious part of the work is done.

Planning Apps

Endless deadlines, multiple tasks and projects can't be efficiently kept in mind for long. Eventually, they'll make you feel overwhelmed. Let workflow-management tools take that duty for you.


If you are looking for an app that will put your daily tasks in line, Asana is a great choice. It was designed to deal with any kind of work by implementing project managing boards, timelines, group task visualization tables, and progress charts so that no task would be missed.


In case you prefer arranging your weekly tasks like to-do lists, Any.do will settle forever on your smartphone. The app creates lists of tasks in order of time or significance, marks them as done once you shake your device or strikethrough yourself with a sigh of relief.

Communication Apps

Studying goes hand in hand with group projects and teamwork. So online-communication is an irreplaceable option for productive cooperation and effective problem-solving.


Slack is a flagman among the online chatting apps. Because it's more than a group messenger, it is an online public spot with integrated Google Drive apps for uploading documents, presentations, media, and any other type of files. The highlight of Slack is the video-conference feature that makes it an ultimate multi-task communication app winner.


This app uses a specific task-based approach. Working on a project, the delegation of duties is essential, so Trello enables the coordinator to match each team member with one's task and visualizes its readiness status from "to-do" to "done." Group work has never been more efficient.

Stress Relief Apps

Being overwhelmed with the pace of life is a constant students' trigger that blocks the way to happiness and peace of mind. Constant pressure is likely to drain willpower and creative energy in a couple of months. So considering mindfulness apps is of no less importance than studying ones.

Stop, Breathe & Think

These are exactly the steps for everyday mental wellbeing. The app's design is simple and welcoming. Stop, Breathe & Think app reminds you to take your time, focus on positive vibes, and overcome whatever you are facing. Each time you're given stickers and points to see how far you've come.

7 Cups

Sometimes a warm pep talk is all you need to feel better. If you lack people to talk to, 7 Cups is always there for you to listen and support during tough times. Not robots, but active listeners will cheer you up, suggest a solution or become a virtual shoulder to cry on. Having such a fantastic app in your pocket already feels like a great relief.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with their studies, students rely on multiple resources to get the most out of their academic life - as modern problems require modern solutions. Productivity now stands above anything else if you aim to succeed in the present and future. That's why today's progressive educational systems prepare the new generation for new life realities. Still, the key lies in integrating helpful apps into your studying routine and getting breaks from time to time to feel life without the constant need for meeting the deadlines.

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