10 Reasons Why Partners Cheat That Aren't Your Fault


If you have ever been in a relationship where your partner felt it necessary to cheat on you, then I'm sorry for the hurt and pain it caused you. If it's any consolation, it just means that they weren't the one, or weren't ready to have a serious, adult commitment in their lives.

Cheating can leave you feeling lost, confused, and with no self esteem. You will probably spend the majority of your time asking them for an explanation or questioning your own self to see where it all went wrong.

While it is true that every relationship comes to an end because of both parties, it doesn't mean you were responsible for their actions.

Whatever excuse they came up with, it doesn't mean they were right to betray the trust built into the relationship.

Despite what they told you, here are the top ten reasons why people cheat on their partners.

Regain The Spark

Most affairs are not sought out to find a new love while someone still has their partner in their life, it's actually an unconscious attempt to wake up their significant other.

By them seeking out extra-marital sex they are really thinking "look what you made me do" in the hopes that the relationship they are currently in suddenly revives it's passion.

Checking Out The Competition

If someone is beginning to have doubts about their partner, they may want to see who else is on the market. If they like what they see, they may be tempted to go for a 'test ride.'

You might be surprised to hear that this is the most common affair for women.

Exit Affair

This is carried out when the person who is cheating really just wants to leave the relationship but can't bring themselves to do it directly.

In fact, they may be sloppy or obvious in their attempts in the hopes that they are caught and the partner finds out that way.

However, the healthy thing to do is just to come right out and end it, and save them the experience of having their trust broken for future relationships.

They Think It Helps

People who feel this way think that because there are some elements missing in their relationship they have every right to go out and find someone who can give it to them.

Sometimes this is because their partner is physically unable to give them satisfaction or they need an emotional connection that doesn't interfere with the rest of their life.


This is probably the easiest one for people to understand, especially if they've been cheated on themselves.

There is a part of everyone that wants to 'settle the score' if their partner has betrayed them, and if doing it once makes you feel better about yourself, that's your decision. But if you don't feel fulfilled, just end it.

There's never a good reason to cheat, but these next ones are absolutely stupid!

Mid Life Crisis

At a certain age, men and women feel compelled to break away from the lives they have been leading and search for something to thrill them again.

Going into the arms of a younger lover is practically a stereotype at this point, but honestly, there are better ways to feel good about yourself.


Maybe they haven't fully clued into the fact that the relationship that they are in isn't working out, or they don't want to address the problems they are contributing to it's downfall.

Either way, people who do this have the unconscious need to use others to distract themselves from what is really going on, helping no one and hurting everybody.

Satisfy An Urge

A lot of people have secret fantasies and urges that they don't feel comfortable bringing up to their significant other. The feeling to try it is always there however, and eventually, some people break down and seek out someone to give them that experience.

Even though it seems crazy, if you really care for your partner, trust them enough that you can confide in them, instead of hiding one more secret.

Confidence Boost

Some people may feel that they aren't getting enough attention from their partners, or want to make sure that they still have "it."

So they try just going to bars, or having flirty conversations, until they convince themselves to just go for it.

Is it really worth it though? If their partner finds out how they like to boost their own ego, the resulting damage to their self esteem may be permanent.

Because They Deserve It

No, really. Now, there are probably a lot of people in difficult relationships, and either because of family circumstances, religion, or financial instability can't leave their current situation.

Maybe they really care about their partner, but if they feel like they have earned it, then there's little that will stop them.

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