10 Iconic Movie Couples Who Actually Hated Each Other

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Love was not in the air in some of your favorite romantic films.

While watching these movies, we are entirely convinced that these actors had some kind of loving relationship off-screen, or even some kind of friendship. That is definitely not the case.

Romeo and Juliet (1996)

There's nothing more romantic than a story about two-star crossed lovers. The only romance that went on was on-screen. Once the cameras turned off, these two turned into crossed actors. Claire Danes, who was 16 at the time, said the 22-year-old Romeo, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, was "irritatingly immature."

Some Like It Hot

Tony Curtis saw nothing 'hot' about model Marilyn Monroe. He saw her as the iconic "dumb blonde" character she played in movies, but in real life. Curtis recalled the scenes that involved kissing Monroe was like kissing "Hitler".

In The Princess and the Showgirl, Sir Laurence Oliver also didn't get along with Monroe and thought of her as chatty and tardy.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Former James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan didn't have many nice words for Teri Hatcher. Brosnan was unaware that Hatcher was pregnant and had terrible morning sickness, which made her arrive late on set.

Dirty Dancing (1987)

One of our most beloved movies has finally been ruined for us. Although they became somewhat friends after the movie's release, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze were not crazy about each other on set. Swayze said his co-star was irritating and extremely self-conscious.

Blade Runner (1982)

The animosity between Harrison Ford and Sean Young was well-known at the time. The film crew even dubbed their love scene as "the hate scene."

Unfortunately there's more examples of our favorite movie couples only acting...

Fifty Shades of Grey

Actors are supposed to act, right? This movie is arguably one of the most cringe-worthy love movies in the history of romantic films. It's unclear how far Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan despised each other, but they sure don't seem comfortable with each other. This is pretty obvious from the movie itself and the fact that both actors won't set it straight when asked in interviews.

I Love Trouble

They sure do love to make trouble. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte were unable to settle their differences, and so they eventually had to shoot some of their scenes separately. Roberts later portrayed Nolte in an interview as someone with a bad temper. Perhaps that's not so surprising?


Sharon Stone and Billy Baldwin were not in the least bit interested in each other. Stone called Baldwin "asexual," despite having shot those heated love scenes.

A Countess From Hong Kong

Godfather star, Marlon Brando, was not such a hot-shot in the eyes of Sophia Loren. Loren didn't like how he groped her so she yelled at him for it. Brando, famous for his temper and indifference, wasn't pleased.

The Notebook

Off-set, these two were more similar to their move fight scenes than their love scenes. At some point, Ryan Gosling wanted Rachel McAdams to be fired. But all that seemed to change after the film finished. The two movie soulmates became real life lovebirds and dated for three years.

Now that you're equipped with this knowledge, have fun watching or re-watching these movies!

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