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10 Signs You're A Serious Over-Thinker

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Overthinking is completely normal, and everyone does it from time to time. There is a fine line between over thinking from time to time, and being a full on over-thinker.

If at least six of these apply to you, you're probably overthinking too much.  

1. You over-analyze literally everything

When your waiter says "enjoy your meal," and you say "you too," and think about it for the next four years. This one might be obvious but it is over thinkers number one problem. If you take every situation and pick it apart piece by piece you are probably an over-thinker.

2. You have never been sure of anything

You've probably approached every decision, big and small, with the same steps of overthinking. And are always displeased with the results.

3. Have the fear of missing out (FOMO)

In the back of your mind you think that if you miss out on something that one thing will be the best time ever, and it will be an everlasting memory people will have without you.  

4. You say sorry for everything you do

Even when you didn't do anything, you feel like you might have so you say sorry for it anyways. And when people tell you to stop saying sorry you apologize for saying it too much.

5. Taking forever to write any kind of message

Whether it's a text to your friend or an email to your co-worker, you re-write it countless times because you don't want them to interpret it wrong. Linda is not going to be mad at you if you don't put a smiley face emoji at the end of your message, so just send it!

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