10 Simple Skills That Will Make Your Life Easier

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10 Simple Skills That Will Make Your Life Easier

They say that an old dog can't learn new tricks, but the truth is it's never too late to pick up a few new skills.

One of the biggest ways to set yourself apart from everyone around you is to never stop learning. There's no shortage of guides, books, courses and online resources to learn something new. All that's missing is you!

If you're looking to make your life simpler, save some money or improve your social life, these skills are all a great way to start. Decide which one you want to learn and start today!

1. Mental Math

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If you freeze when you have to split the bill between three people, start here. Most people find mental math wasn't their strong suit in school and never bothered to learn it, but it's so valuable in our daily lives. Try these tips, then get some practice.

2. First Aid

No one wants to be caught off guard in a life-threatening situation, but so few of us bother to take a first aid course. You can learn the basics online, but it's best to take a standardized course. Check if your employer will cover the cost of signing up!

3. Writing


At work, knowing how to write clearly and correctly will set you apart. In your personal life, people will notice how polished your letters are. Print out your free copy of Strunk and White, learn the most common mistakes and read more to learn from the pros.

4. Listening

What's the easiest way to improve your personal relationships? Being a good listener. You may think you've already mastered this skill, but it's not as simple as you think. In fact, you may be giving people the wrong impression about yourself without realizing it!

5. Remembering


You spend hours at the grocery store, but forget to buy any milk. You meet your friend for lunch, but forget it's their birthday. Strengthening your memory can help you avoid these mistakes. There are lots of "brain training" games, but science says the best way to build your mental muscles is to live a healthier life. So it's a win-win!

6. Public Speaking

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If imagining your audience in their underwear doesn't work, try a more scientific approach. Public speaking is the most common fear in America, so there are lots of books about overcoming your anxiety. You could also try your local Toastmasters club if you want to practice for real.

7. Learn A Second Language

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Not only does speaking another language look impressive on your resume, it will open up another world of books, movies and TV shows for you to discover. It takes practice, but with language apps like Duolingo you can be fluent in no time.

8. Typing

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Learning how to touch-type used to be pretty common in high schools, but there's a whole generation of people who missed out on that opportunity. Luckily you can practice online with helpful guides and even play fun games. Your whole life will feel faster when you don't have to watch your keyboard to type an e-mail.

9. Investing

Even if you work a steady job and own your own home, you probably depend on someone else to manage your money. You need to learn a lot before you can take things into your own hands, but with some economics textbooks from the library and websites like Investopedia it is possible to manage your own money.

10. Auto Repair

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Unless you can afford a new car, you're guaranteed to spend time and money on repairs in the future. Learn to do a few basic things yourself - changing the oil, rotating the tires - and you can save a lot of hassle. Start with Car Repair For Dummies (no offense) then move up to some YouTube tutorials.

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