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10 Summer Superfoods You Need To Add To Your Grocery List

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With the temperatures rising, do you find yourself craving lighter and crisper foods? Put side the heavy meals and carbs and say hello the best of the season.

With fresh fruit and vegetables being grown close to home, you can enjoy all the health benefits these nutritious groceries items have to offer.


You would be surprised that berries are actually one of the best sources of fiber in your diet! They can offer as much as 8 grams per cup and are packed with rich antioxidants.


If you're firing up the grill, throw on a few stalks of asparagus, it's good for your health!

This vegetable is bursting with prebiotics, a type of fiber that feeds the good probiotic bacteria in your gut. This will help to stop bloat in it's tracks. Add it to soups, pastas, omelettes or just grill it up as a side dish. You won't be disappointed.


Instead of grabbing a carb-filled treat, enjoy a handful of nuts instead. The protein kick will fuel your body and you won't have the sugar crash after. A 2015 study showed that people who snack on nuts may have lower abdominal fat compared to those who enjoyed other treats. Whether you prefer a handful of mixed nuts or almond on their own, this is an undeniable superfood.


Loaded with heart-healthy fats, Avocado will leave you feeling full for longer. Spread it over some whole grain toast with a squeeze of lemon or add it as a side to scrambled eggs and you will be set to start off your day the healthy way.


From cooking with coconut oil to drinking coconut milk, there are many ways to enjoy this rich superfood. Coconuts are de-fatted to leave behind just the protein and fiber which makes it a great part of your diet.

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