100 Years, 100 Yards Gold Medal Granny Laps Us All In Life (Video)

If you're lucky enough to live to the age of 100, competing in track and field is probably the last thing you'd be thinking of - unless you're Man Kaur.

The 101-year old just won her 17th gold medal by running in the 100-meter dash at the World Masters Games in Auckland New Zealand.

The Indian woman participated in the 100-years-and-over category and completed the race in 1 minute 14 seconds, granted she was the only one running the race.

"I enjoyed it and am very, very happy," Kaur told reporters.

Canadian Press

Kaur started partaking in races eight years ago and has no plans to stop anytime soon.

"I'm going to run again, I'm not going to give up. I will participate, there's no full stop," said the centenarian.

Kaur is living proof that you're only as old you feel and there is no such thing as "too late" when it comes to accomplishing a dream.

Her son Gurdev Singh,78, told Huffpost that his mom is a role model for senior women in India.

"She encourages them, old ladies, that they should run, they should not eat wrong foods, and they should encourage their children also to take part in the Games," said Singh

Watch the gold-medalist cross the finish line in an inspiring race at this week's World Masters Games.

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