11 Creepy Vintage Photographs That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

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11 Creepy Vintage Photographs That Will Haunt Your Nightmares

These days when you see a creepy picture, it is easy to assume that it was made with Photoshop and edited to the maximum levels of spookiness.

But when the photos were from before Photoshop was invented it all gets a little bit freakier. These pictures are from a long time ago, but they are hard to forget. Using some special cutting techniques and makeup they were able to make some super horrifying images that you won't be able to unsee.

Check out 11 of the most bizarre pictures that you have probably ever seen.

1. Terrifying Cave

There is no reason to ever go in there.. It is too spooky.

2. Horrifying Clowns

I hate everything about this.

3. Uh oh, they are multiplying!

4. Why would you do this...

Seriously though....why?

5. Two small children is too much for a creepy picture.

6. Okay but maybe the mom could just be in the picture instead of making it extra creepy by hiding her face?

Now I have so many questions as to why she did this...

7. Excuse me, but there is a ghost hanging from your ceiling.

8. NOPE.

And this is why you only ever sit on Santa's lap now.

9. First of all, why. Second of all, why?

This is just not okay. I mean, obviously it's fake but it is extra creepy anyways!

10. Why would you want photographic evidence of this?

11. This looks painful.

Old timey Photoshop? Let's hope so.

Do you have any creepy pictures tucked away at your house?