11 Everyday Objects With Secret Uses You Don't Know About

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11 Everyday Objects With Secret Uses You Don't Know About


You probably think you're pretty smart, but this list is guaranteed to make you kick yourself. There are just so many things we use every day with insanely clever double uses that we had no idea about.  

1. Pan Handle


Need a place to rest your spoon when you're not stirring your sauce? You already have one: the hole in the end of your pan handle.

2. The Hole In Elevator Doors


Don't worry that people are snooping on you while you're riding between floors, this is just a special keyhole for emergency workers.

3. Aluminium Or Plastic Wrap Box Holes


Yes, you've probably been using the aluminum foil box wrong your whole life, but that's okay: you're learning now. Fold in these little tabs to lock the roll in place.

4. Hole In Your Pen Cap


Be glad you never had to find out about this one! Pen caps are one of the most common things people - especially children - choke on, so they've been designed not to block your airway.

5. Colorful Bread Tags


You may think the color of your tag is just random, but really it's part of a secret code. Each color represents a day of the week, so you always know when it was delivered to the store. Normally the days are in alphabetical order (Monday is blue, Tuesday is green...) but each company is a little different.

6. Plastic Lid Cup

If your local cafe gives you a plastic cup and lid, or you buy some from the store, you're actually getting a free coaster too. The cup is designed to fit perfectly onto the lid and keep your tables looking like new!

It turns out that there are lots of secrets in this world just hiding in plain sight. Unless you know what to look for, or who to ask, there's not way you could discover this stuff on your own.

7. Gas Tank Arrow


This is such a small detail almost everyone overlooks it, but the tiny arrow on your gas tank meter says which side your tank is on. How convenient!

8. The "57" On Your Glass Heinz Bottle

This isn't just for decoration. If your ketchup is sticking in the bottle, turn it over and slap the 57 logo to make it slide own easily.

9. Chinese Takeout Containers


These are already really handy for bringing your food home, but they also fold into plates in case you don't have any. Then, you can turn it back into a container and pop it in the fridge.

10. Tic Tac Lids

Have you ever wanted to eat just one Tic Tac? Me either, but if the mood ever strikes you the lid on your pack of mints will actually dispense them one at a time.

11. Pasta Spoon Hole

How much pasta is enough for one person? Easy, just see how much will fit through the hole in your pasta spoon.

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