11 Jobs for MBA Graduates and the Best Concentrations to Choose

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11 Jobs for MBA Graduates and the Best Concentrations to Choose

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If you are thinking about enrolling in an MBA program, then you’re probably already aware that it’s a very lucrative, highly-respected, and highly sought-after qualification that can lead to a huge range of different exciting career opportunities. Getting an MBA can help you take your business career in the right direction whether you are looking to get into finances, want a career in marketing, management, or are looking to run your own successful company. If you are interested to find out more about what you can do with an MBA, you may be surprised at the vast number of opportunities that it can create. Here are just some of the most popular career options pursued by MBA graduates.

Senior Executive

The role of a senior executive is to devise a range of new strategies and policies to ensure that the financial goals of an organization are met. This role is made up of a variety of roles which can include chief operating officers, chief executive officers, and operations managers. With a global business industry that is becoming increasingly competitive, there has been a massive increase in demand for highly experienced and skilled senior executives to work for companies across the world and assist in ensuring that their financial goals are met. The outlook for senior executives is looking great, particularly in certain industries including healthcare and information technology. If working in this career appeals to you, opt for a traditional MBA or an MBA with a focus on management and leadership. Click here to learn more about MBA concentrations and whether or not it’s worth choosing one to help you meet your career goals.

Business Operations Manager

Business operations managers work with a variety of companies to help them overcome challenges related to operations and the supply chain. Typically, their main responsibility involves efficient management of the global supply chain in order to drive organizational costs down. Business operations managers are currently experiencing increasing levels of demand due to advances in technology and an increase in global business competition. To get into this field, choose an MBA with a concentration in supply chain or operations management. If you want to pursue an MBA but haven't earned your bachelor's degree, consider looking into accelerated online degrees to fast-track your studies.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts are the master number crunchers, tasked with providing advice and guidance on investment decisions to both companies and individuals. A financial analyst’s typical working day might also include assessing the performance of certain investments such as bonds or stocks. Due to the growing global economy, there are more career opportunities than ever before for financial professionals. And with more complex investment portfolios and a wider range of investment products available, it’s easy to see why a career as a financial analyst is a wise decision. An MBA with a concentration in finance can help you secure this career.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts are involved in every aspect of an organization. Their day-to-day work involves determining efficient production schedules, establishing price structures, effectively managing supply chains, assisting managers in allocating company resources, and more. They are typically highly skilled in a range of complex analytical and mathematical methods used to assist companies in coming up with practical solutions and improving efficiency and profitability. With technology getting both better and more affordable over time, this has resulted in a growing demand for operations research analytics, particularly those who are experts in supply chain and logistics. To pursue this increasingly lucrative career, you may want to consider getting an MBA with a concentration in supply chain or operations management.

Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare administrators are tasked with planning, coordinating, directing, and overseeing a wide variety of services in the health and medical care industry. They are often responsible for managing a range of healthcare organizations such as private clinics, private hospitals, nursing and care homes, and certain medical facility departments. As a healthcare administrator, you will need to be on top of the latest regulations, laws, and technologies in the industry. If this sounds like the career for you, you should opt for an MBA that is focused on healthcare management or healthcare administration. You may also find it helpful to get some clinical work experience although this is not always necessary.

Management Analyst

Management analysts or management consultants come up with new and creative ways for companies to reduce their operations costs and improve efficiency across the board. In their day-to-day job, they provide management advice to companies to help them improve the way that they do business and ultimately increase their profitability. With the global marketplace becoming more and more competitive, the demand for management consultants and analysts around the world is increasing rapidly. If this sounds like the right career option for you, an MBA with a concentration in management or project management could help you get there.

Information Systems Manager

Information systems managers plan, direct, and coordinate a wide range of computer-based activities. With businesses around the world now dominated by IT and tech, these professionals work in a huge range of industries and a variety of organizations, making it a versatile MBA concentration choice for those who are flexible about the type of company that they work for. They are responsible for overseeing the computer systems required to achieve a company’s goals, and the demand for IT professionals who are highly skilled in cybersecurity is on the rise. If you’re interested in pursuing this career path, it is recommended that you get an MBA degree qualification with a concentration in information technology or information systems.

HR Manager

Human resources managers are tasked with planning, coordinating, and directing all of a company’s administrative roles. They oversee and manage the entire process of recruiting new employees including advertising job vacancies, shortlisting applicants, interviewing applicants, hiring, and onboarding. Human resources managers may also be responsible for handling employee complaints and managing employee benefits, payroll, and more. With more new companies than ever before now being created thanks to global economic expansion, there is a growing demand for human resources professionals across the world. If you are interested in this career, you can study for an MBA with a concentration in human resources.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts work to help companies better understand their customers and determine which products and services are going to be the most successful. Their role involves conducting research to gather and provide information on the type of customers that might be most interested in a certain service or product, recommending a price point that is likely to appeal to these customers based on their research, and conducting detailed research analysis on a company’s competitors. Market research analysts are also responsible for continuously analyzing a company’s position in the market. Due to the growing advancements in technology that has provided companies with huge amounts of data, professionals with these skills are in higher demand than ever before. To get into this field, you should consider an MBA that focuses on marketing or business intelligence.

Marketing Manager

The daily work of a marketing manager involves planning various campaigns and programs to reach out to customers and increase their interest in the products and services offered by a brand. Marketing managers must provide demand estimates for the services or products that a company offers, find new markets to advertise to, and come up with campaign ideas that will grab the attention of the audience and enable a brand to stand apart from its competitors. The demand for good marketing managers is increasing due to the increase in global business competition, with businesses in every industry in need of skilled professionals who can directly improve their market share. An MBA with a concentration in marketing would be the best choice for anybody looking to pursue this career option.

Project Manager

Project managers are responsible for planning and implementing new projects, defining the scope of a project, preparing a project’s schedule, delegating various tasks to project staff, handling quality control, prototypes, and other stages of the project, and updating as necessary throughout the process. The demand for highly skilled project managers is rapidly rising across the world with the increasing invention of new products and the implementation of new services. And in a world where customers expect things to be available as quickly as possible, good project managers who are able to complete projects quickly and within the budget are an important part of the industry. An MBA with a concentration in project management could be the best choice for you if this career choice appeals to you.

If you’re enjoying your business career but want to take it further, or are considering switching your career to a different area of business, getting an MBA can be one of the best ways to achieve your goals. And, MBA graduates are highly-respected by employers all over the world, who are often willing to pay more just to benefit from the expertise that an MBA can bring. With a wide range of concentrations to choose from alongside the traditional MBA, and online programs now more accessible than ever before, there are many great options for boosting or changing your future career with this degree.

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