11 Poker Myths Debunked

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11 Poker Myths Debunked

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Poker can be a pretty intimidating game, so it's no surprise that it can feel very exclusive. This, in turn, has given rise to many myths that give new players misconceptions about the game and dissuade people from trying it. So today, we're debunking these myths.

1. "You can't win if you don't play."

This is one of the most common myths about poker. While it is true that the more you play, the more chances you have at winning. However, it is also true that you should play all poker hands at a table. Plenty of players only play a few hands each session and still come out ahead.

2. "The house always wins."

This is simply not true. While casinos do make a profit from poker, plenty of players win money playing the game. And not just casinos that often get hit with this myth, but also online poker rooms. And no, they can't control what poker card hands you get.

Although many online poker sites are scam sites, some are legitimate. Some legitimate poker sites, however, are better than others. A good example is GG Poker, a convenient, secure, and fun place to play online poker.

3. "You need to be aggressive to win."

This is not always the case. While aggression can sometimes be beneficial, there are also times when a more passive approach is better, especially if you already have the best poker hands. It all depends on the situation.

4. "You need to have a great poker face to succeed."

This is simply not true. While having a good poker face can help you in certain situations, it is far from a prerequisite for success. Many of the best players worldwide are known for their “ tells” or physical cues. What matters more is getting winning poker hands, not reading through a poker face.

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5. "You need a lot of money to play poker."

This is not true. While it is true that you might need money to play poker, you don't need a lot of money. There are plenty of low-stakes games where the buy-in is only a few dollars. It's highly recommended that you stick to low-stakes games.

6. "Poker is a man's game."

This is one of the most outdated myths about poker. Men once dominated the game, but that's not because men are better than women in the game. Instead, it's simply because old poker clubs didn't allow female members.

Thankfully, the times have significantly changed for the better for the women, and now they can play with men in competitive games. That, of course, includes poker. There are now many successful female poker players.

7. "You need to be a math genius to play poker."

While being good at math can help you in poker, it is not a requirement. There are plenty of successful players who are not math geniuses. However, knowing basic math and being good at Probability is a considerable edge over others that don't. Having such a skillset will not mean improved odds but better discernment on when to go big or cut their losses.

8. "Poker is all about bluffing."

While bluffing can be a helpful tool, it is not the only thing that matters in poker. Many successful players don't bluff often (or at all).

9. "You need to be a good liar to be a good poker player."

This is simply not true. While being a good liar can undoubtedly help you in poker, it is not a requirement. Many successful players are not good liars. Being an honest person can even be an edge. After all, if they don't suspect you as capable of deception, they'll lower their guard, and they won't expect you to have the best hands in poker.

10. "You need to be able to read people to be a good poker player."

While being able to read people can certainly help you in poker, it is not a requirement. Many successful players are not good at reading people. Many of them simply focus on the cards and the odds.

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11. "Poker is a game of luck/skill/strategy"

Luck does play a role in poker, but it does not entirely dictate the game. Skill and strategy are also essential factors. At the same time, no matter how skilled and strategic your approaches are, winning is impossible if your poker hands odds are terrible. If luck didn't play a significant role in winning, there wouldn't be a need to tell players still learning the game to fold when there's no shot at the pot.

Don't get played by these poker myths!

These poker myths can be funny, weird, misleading, or downright insulting. That's why we had to debunk them. Hopefully, this helped encourage you to try the game out or understand it better if you're already playing it.

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