11 Reasons Falling In Love With A Gemini Is Your Best Option

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11 Reasons Falling In Love With A Gemini Is Your Best Option

Falling in love is a wonderful thing. It's hard to describe the feeling of finding that person you want to spend all your time with and tell all your secrets to. It's not easy, though. Finding someone who is compatible to your personality can be a struggle, but we're about to make things a lot easier on you.

Fall in love with a Gemini.

I can say with great certainty that falling in love with a Gemini is not only a good option, but also the best option. We've got that certain something that will keep you on your toes, plus many other qualities that are impossible to resist.

1. We're Independent

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Geminis don't need you babying them all the time. Sure, they love the attention, but only when you can give it. If you want a night out with your friends or have to stay late at work, Geminis are great at giving you your space. We're self-sufficient and frankly, we need our space, too.

2. We're Creative

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You won't get bored dating a Gemini, at least not when it comes to hobbies. We love being creative and doing hands-on activities. We'll bring more culture to your life, and we always love experimenting creatively.

3. We're Problem Solvers


Remember that creative thing? Ya, it helps here too. We love trying to find a new way to solve problems that will be easy and acceptable for everyone. We can weigh both sides of the argument and try to find a middle-ground. It's not hard for Geminis to step into someone else's shoes to see how they're feeling, and this means there won't be a ton of huge blowouts between you two.

4. We're Fast Learners

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If you're trying to find cute couple things to do with a Gemini, learning a new skill is a great choice. We learn quickly, which means there won't be any temper tantrums about not being able to do it. Geminis will also take interest in your hobbies and interests and try to learn all about them so there's more to talk about.

5. We're Damn Hilarious

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If you love laughing, then you'll love a Gemini. There's never a dull moment, whether it's wit, sarcasm, puns, or telling a great story, we love to entertain and make people love. It's our life-blood. We can also detect awkward situations very quickly and diffuse the situation with humor almost immediately.

6. We're Caring


Geminis genuinely want the best for whomever they're with. We can detect when you just need some time alone, a cup of coffee, or a quick snuggle. Geminis will never intentionally do anything to hurt you, because it's not in our nature. We have a welcoming aura that is always nice to come home to.

7. We're Affectionate

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Yes, we can be independent, but we also love showing our affection. Cuddling, hand-holding, hugs, and other traditional displays of affection come in abundance with Geminis. We also like showing our love in other ways, like a cute note on the door before you head out, cooking you meals, or even a surprise gift just because we thought you'd like it. Fall in love with a Gemini and you will never feel underappreciated.

8. We're Curious

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Listen, this is a blessing and a curse...but almost always a blessing. Geminis love knowing everything about everything, and this includes gossip. We want to sit and listen to you talk about your day, your friends, your problems, and will get frustrated if you don't do it in extreme detail. We love being in the know and it's another way we show our affection.

9. We Can Adapt

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Maybe it's our creative side, but Geminis can adapt to any situation given to them. They may not be totally comfortable, but you'd never notice. I can go from my customer service "all I want to do is help you!" attitude to "let's go stuff our face with pizza and complain about everyone we hate" in 0.02 seconds, and it's the best. Being able to adapt to situations and problems means Geminis can be taken anywhere without fear of embarrassment or being left out.

10. We're Fine With A Night In

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Geminis aren't the type of people who always need to go out and do things. We need our down time, meaning we'd often rather stay in and chat or watch TV together than go out to a club or party. We can enjoy those nights, too, but it's not something we constantly crave.

11. Your Friends Will Love Us

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Like we said, Geminis can adapt, which means that people love us because we know how to talk to them. From sports to politics to celebrity gossip, we know a little bit about a lot of things, which makes us easy to get along with! Your friends will actually probably like us more than they like you...sorry.

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