11 Stylish Ways To Recycle Antique Crates

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11 Stylish Ways To Recycle Antique Crates

If you've stepped into an antique store recently, you know that vintage crates are practically a dime a dozen. There are just so many of these wooden boxes, because a recently as a few decades ago they were used for delivering just about everything.

Most people don't give these dusty old boxes a second thought, but if you know their potential you can spot some diamonds hiding in the rough.

Just look at these clever projects that some handy folks have made with vintage crates. See if any of these creations inspire you, because they're all very easy and cheap to recreate

1. You can build a stunning (and handy) coffee table out of 4 crates

Get the directions here.

2. Or create a nifty side table for your bedroom

3. This handy serving tray looks much nicer than a plastic one

4. A wooden flower planter will look great in your garden

5. But you can also hang these planters if you need space for your plants

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Vintage crates are some of the cheapest antiques you can find, but there are also lots of hidden gems waiting to be picked up at your local antique shop. Read our guide to recognizing valuable pieces and you might just stumble onto something that could change your life.

While you're in the mood for some interior decorating, we also have 5 very pretty ideas you can make with just string lights. Combine them with these crate decorations for a very affordable home makeover. It's easier than changing the wallpaper, but the change it can have on a room is just as dramatic.

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6. Declutter your entryway with some storage space

7. Make a bookshelf or a space for your decorations with stacked crates

8. Smaller crates look gorgeous as table settings

9. If you just need a crate for extra storage, you can add a stencil to give it some character

10. Antiques and wine? A winning combination!

11. Or just let loose and exercise your creativity with some wall art

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