11 Surprising Uses For Eggs

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11 Surprising Uses For Eggs

Poached, scrambled, fried or hard boiled, eggs are already such a versatile food. But did you know you can clean with them? Cure a hangover? Help your garden grow?

There's a surprising number of uses for these, and you would never think of most of them in a million years. Luckily we've uncovered the best ways to get the most out of your eggs.

And the best part is most of these tips let them do double duty, you get to eat them and use them for something special!

1. Clean your clothes

Not all of your clothes, but egg whites are great at getting dirt and stains off of leather. Use them on jackets, purses and other accessories. They'll even add a shine to your shoes.

2. Make cool seed starters

There are lots of guides for this online, but essentially you drain the eggs through a small hole, then add some soil and a seed. They look nice plus they don't take up much room!

3. Decorate your home

We've all made painted eggs before, but how about egg candles? Empty the shells, attach a wick to the bottom with some beeswax and then fill it up. Voila! You've made some simple, gorgeous candles.

4. Scour a messy pot

It's so annoying trying to clean up a mess that's completely ground in. Make things easier by adding some crushed eggshells in. The grit they add will help scrape things off much easier.

5. Keep pests out of your garden

Slugs, snails and worms that ruin your plants all hate eggshells, so you can sprinkle some in your garden to keep them away. If deer love to wander into your backyard, the smell of raw egg will also keep them away.

6. Help your plants grow

Eggs do more than protect your plants from animals. The calcium in your egg shells helps plants grow. In the fall, bury some in your soil and you'll have healthier plants in spring. You can also water vegetable plants with the same water you boil eggs in for similar benefits.

7. Add a little calcium to your diet

We all need this nutrient as we get older, especially to keep our bones strong. Bake some empty eggshells in the oven for a few minutes, then grind them into a powder. You can mix this into almost any dish to add calcium.

8. Make coffee less bitter

Coffee tastes bitter because it's lightly acidic. Eggshells are alkaline, so if you mix some of that powder we made into your coffee grinds it will drink up all that bitterness, and your morning cup will be must tastier.

9. Moisturize your face

Mix an egg yolk with a few teaspoons of honey and you'll make a paste that's great for adding moisture to your skin. This is a great solution if you want to avoid harmful chemicals because it's 100% natural and really works.

10. Cure a hangover

Feeling rough after a night on the town? The Prairie Oyster is one of the most trusted hangover cures. You can make it by mixing a raw egg with some Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, Tabasco and salt and pepper.  Just have a glass of water handy to wash that down with!

11. Heal a cut

If you have some hard boiled eggs in your fridge there's no need to break out a first aid kit for a  small cut. Crack off the shell and peel away the thin membrane inside. This is a perfect natural band-aid that will wrap around your cut and stick to it.  

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