11 Things You Never Knew Baby Wipes Are Good For

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11 Things You Never Knew Baby Wipes Are Good For

If you're a parent, odds are there are more of these wipes sitting around your house than you can ever possibly use. You may think they're only good for one thing, but in fact these handy little cleaning products can be used for pretty much anything you can imagine.

If you have some laying around in your bathroom right now, take a look at this list of creative uses. From the kitchen to the gym, baby wipes can solve some unique problems wherever you go.

1. They're perfect for crafts

Keep these nearby during any project involving ink, stamps, or small materials like glitter that make a mess. You can tidy up pretty much any mess your craft table will ever experience with these.

2. They can quickly wipe off eye makeup

We know it's not great for your skin, but when you absolutely need to get your eyeshadow off in a flash, these can do the trick.

3. You can reuse the boxes

There's no limit to what you can make from a old baby wipe box if you use a little creativity. One of the coolest projects people have shown off online is a jewelry box that's great for traveling.

4. Bring some to they gym

There's nothing more disgusting that touching equipment someone has left their smelly, sweaty hand-marks on. Give everything a quick wipe down with these to save yourself the trouble.

5. Wipe deodorant marks off your tops

You're on your way to work when you notice these embarrassing stains on your shirt. What do you do? If you have a box of baby wipes in your car, they'll clean these up in no time. They also work on makeup stains!

6. Wipe up pet hair

Baby wipes are like magic little vacuums for everything small, including pet hair. You can rub the hair off your furniture with these, or even rub your pet with them to wipe off all their loose hairs.

7. They're the perfect solution to sandy feet

Nothing feels worse than leaving the beach with sand on your feet. The little grains can stay tucked between your toes for like a week! Thankfully, baby wipes will clean everything up and leave your feet feeling fresh as a daisy.

8. They make sending lots of mail a breeze

After sending a couple dozen Christmas cards or wedding invitations, your mouth can feel like a desert. Here's a handy trick: wet the envelopes with a baby wipe instead. Just one can usually do the whole job and save your tongue the trouble.

9. Freshen your drawers and cupboards

Don't spend lots of money on air fresheners! You can just use these cheap and simple creations instead. Simply cut a baby wipe into small pieces and drip some scented oil on them, then leave them in your drawers to keep them fresh.

10. Pre-clean greasy dishes

You could spend an eternity trying to scrape the dried-on food off your greasy dishes, or cut the job in half by wiping your dishes with a baby wipe. The grease should wipe right off afterwards. If you have corningware you're worried about scratching, you can also use these to gently clean it.

11. Take salt off your boots

Your boots look great at the store, but when you wear them to work every day they quickly turn into salty disasters. Thankfully, some baby wipes will take the salt right off.

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