12 Signs That Prove Your Cat Loves You


Cats are notoriously known for their bad reputation, especially on the Internet, where you can find countless YouTube videos on cat fails and cat-mania. Shows like Animal Planet's My Cat from Hell only tarnishes their reputation further.

The Internet's celebrity cats include Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, and Keyboard Cat.

Grumpy Cat, Colonel Meow, and Keyboard Cat (order from left to right).

As you can see from the photos above, they don't seem so happy and friendly.

That being said, feline experts say there are many ways cats express their love to their owners. Check out these top 12 signs!


A gentle push with any part of their body means that your cat is leaving their signature scent on you. Smell is a big deal for cats, so when they mark you it basically means you're part of what they consider to be family.

Nibbling or Licking

You know it's true love when it doesn't hurt. Cats express affection through grooming, so when they lick or nibble your fingers or toes it means you're someone worth taking care of.


When a cat blinks slowly, it doesn't necessarily mean they're tired. Some people say cats "kiss" with their eyes. So if your cat is staring at you and blinking slowly, it's as if your cat is blowing you a kiss from afar.


In the cat world, stalking isn't as creepy. If your cat can't stop following you it's because they can't get enough of you. They enjoy your company and desire your loving affection.


If your cat is constantly sleeping, don't feel like he or she is ignoring you. Cats don't sleep in vulnerable surroundings. They prefer safe and cozy places that make them feel like home. If your cat chooses your lap to sleep, even better.


Playing is a sign of friendship and admiration. Also, the more physical exercise your cat has, the healthier your cat feels, which means he or she will feel less grumpy.

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Your cat can't read your list to Santa Clause, so they may be giving you undesirable or strange gifts. But don't be alarmed, this is a good sign. It means your cat cares for you and wants to share.


If you've tried rubbing your cat's belly, you've probably sensed his or her displeasure. When cats expose their tummies it means they feel at ease in your presence. Admire the belly and the sign of affection, but DO NOT RUB.


Cats don't care too much for conversation. When cats meow they're trying to say something to you. Maybe it's their own version of 'I love you'?

Tail Language

A high tail means your cat feels confident and happy. If the tip of the tail is slightly curved, it may mean your cat feels particularly happy at that moment. Cats respect their mothers by straightening up their tails, so you must be important too.


Nothing beats kitty massages, which tends to accompany those slow and loving eye blinks. It's another way to spread their scent and show their love.


Now you know the love is just purrfect! That low and powerful rumble we have no idea how they produce is a another sign of contentment, especially when it accompanies other signs of love like kneading, tail raising, and slow blinking.

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