12-Year-Old Suspended After Selling 'Adult Toys' To Raise Money For Austism

Frances Habeck was just trying to do something nice. And it ended up getting her suspended from school.

Habeck was suspended after a teacher found her selling 'sex toys' to other students at the school. There's just one problem...they weren't sex toys at all.

The 12-year-old girl had heard that water-filled bag toys help children with autism, so she was trying to sell them at school to raise money for autism support.


Habeck says she got clearance from a teacher to sell the toys, but when the principal found out, things got messy. She approached Frances during the middle of a basketball game and started yelling at her about sex toys.

“It was really, really loud and a lot of people could hear it. People were staring at me,” she said. “I started crying.”

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Now, Frances' dad Milt is trying to get his daughter's name cleared at the school.

“In your wildest imaginations, no adult could possibly view this as a sex toy, this is a water-filled bag,” he said. “It’s nuts, because [the principal] is an adult. She should know better. She should know that this has nothing to do with sex.”

The school is standing their ground, though. They claim that students were sexualizing the toys, therefore the suspension was warranted. This was part of their statement.

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Frances' dad says he will not rest until his daughter's name is cleared.

Do you think the school overreacted? Let us know.

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