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13 Creative Ways People Have Said Goodbye To Their Loved Ones' Ashes

It's never easy to say goodbye to a friend or relative, but some people find solace by honoring their loved one's wishes after they've left us.

Playing their favorite song at their funeral is one thing, but these 13 people were immortalized forever in a much more unique way. They each had their ashes used for one of these creative purposes:

1. Turned into a tree

The company Urna Bios specializes in giving your dearly departed an eco-friendly resting place. They can live on after they've died inside a specially-designed biodegradable urn. Throughout the years, the ashes help a tree or houseplant grow, proving that life goes on ever after death.

2. Turned into music

Company And Vinyly turns human ash into vinyl records, and while that sounds macabre it can be a sweet parting gift for your family. You can customize the music and packaging of your records, and each body provides a few dozen. But be aware it will cost you at least $2,000.

3. Dropped out of the sky

Spreading someone's ashes out in their favorite spot it pretty common, but what about over someplace they've never been?

Wentzel Flying Service

The Wentzel Flying Service offers affordable ash scattering by airplane over a number of gorgeous locations including the Grand Canyon, the Ganges River, or even over some world-famous golf courses. It's a great way to squeeze in one last trip after you've passed away.

4. Turned into a coral reef

The Eternal Reef provides a unique burial at sea that gives back to the environment. The custom built urn is dropped into the ocean, where it becomes a permanent home to local sea life. You can even pick where you'd like your reef to be dropped.

5. Buried in a warship

It's not open to the public, but Navy sailors who served on the USS Arizona are allowed a unique honor after their death. The ship was scuttled during the Pearl Harbor attack. In total, 1,177 sailors and marines died on the Arizona, and many are still trapped inside the ship.

The USS Arizona memorial in Honolulu.Wikimedia

When an Arizona crewman dies, they have the chance to inter their ashes inside the warship, reuniting with their lost friends after decades spent apart.

6. Turned into a diamond

For a unique family heirloom, consider turning yourself into an actual piece of diamond jewelry after you die. LifeGem can transform your remains into a variety of colored jewelry pieces, so your loved ones can always carry you with them.

The company will even make diamonds out of your pets!

7. Used to make wine

Maynard James Keenan, the lead singer of the band Tool, came up with a original (and a little questionable) way of remembering his late mother. He had her cremated, then scattered her ashes on his private vineyard. Later, he turned the grapes into a vintage named "Nagual del Judith" in her honor.

"These vines and wines are her resurrection and her wings," he said.

8. Buried in a Pringles can

Chemist Frederic Baur spent two solid years designing the perfect chip that wouldn't break easily or leave grease on your fingers, and his work was later used to create Pringles. Baur also designed the iconic Pringles tube.

Media Scoop

With such a strong connection, it's not surprising that his family chose to have his ashes place inside a Pringles tube before they were buried. "My siblings and I briefly debated what flavor to use," Baur's son Larry said, "but I said, 'Look, we need to use the original.'"

9. Mixed into a comic book

Mark Gruenwald was a longtime writer and editor for Marvel comics who worked on titles like The Avengers. He had a lifelong passion for comic books, and he made the surprising request that his ashes be used to help make one. His friends kept his wish, mixing his ashes into the ink used to print a collection of his Squadron Supreme series.

10. Shot into space

Some famous people who are connected to outer space, including Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry and star James Doohan (who played Scotty), have had their remains blasted into outer space.

One of the capsules used by Celestis to carry ashes into space.David Reneke

If you have money to spare, you can spend your afterlife exploring the great beyond too. The company Celestis will send your ashes on a memorial spaceflight, to be scattered among the stars.

11. Used in a tattoo

A tattoo with ashes mixed in.Liverpool Echo

This isn't a very traditional way of remembering someone, but it can be pretty meaningful. A small amount of ash is mixed into the tattoo ink, so you can create a permanent connection to your late friend that is written on your skin.

12.  Fired out of a gun

Holy Smoke, founded by a pair of police officers, can turn your ashes into pistol cartridges, shotgun shells, or rifle cartridges that are safe to fire. That way, your friends can say goodbye to you with a 21-gun salute of your own ashes.

Holy Smoke

The package also includes a wooden ammo box with a memorial nameplate, which will last long after the bullets are gone.

13. Exploded in a firework

If you really want to go out with a BANG, Angels Flight can make it happen. They pour your ashes into firework shells, which are used in a beautiful final send-off that everyone can enjoy.

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