13 Life Saving Tips Everyone Needs To Know

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13 Life Saving Tips Everyone Needs To Know

You never want it to come to this, but there could be situations in your life that require life-saving measures.

A car accident, a mugging, kidnapping, they all happen to unsuspecting people. It's easy to sit at home and say, "I totally know what to do in an emergency." But more often than not, you actually aren't.

It's always a smart idea to have some life-saving self-defense tactics in your arsenal, so read through this list and take note of what you see. Hopefully it'll never come to this, but they could save your life.

1. Use your head

Head butts are more effective than kicks and punches in a lot of cases. If you head-butt your attacker on the bridge of the nose you can seriously harm them.

2. Scatter your things if you're being abducted

If you're being abducted, this leaves behind evidence that can help investigators. Just don't leave your cellphone behind!

3. Keep moving.

The hardest target is a moving target. Keep moving your feet or struggling. It makes it harder to be a target.

4. Know the pressure points

A couple smart hits is better than many ill-advised ones. Know where the best points of pain are on a body so you can fight smart.

5. Head for the kitchen

If you're a victim of home invasion, head to the kitchen. You know where all your knives and other potential weapons are, but the intruder doesn't.

6. Toss your valuables

Muggers don't really care about you. They want your money. If someone tries to mug you and take your wallet, toss it as far as you can. Chances are, they'll care more about the wallet than you. This gives you time to run.

7. Hit all the buttons

If you're feeling threatened in an elevator, hit a bunch of buttons. There are more chances for escape, and if you're being actively attacked then there are more chances for someone to find you.

8. Don't be afraid to scream

Whistles don't signify the same sense of urgency. Shout words like "ATTACK" "911" or "EMERGENCY!" If this isn't working, yell things out of the ordinary such as "THAT'S MY SANDWICH DON'T TOUCH IT." Sure, it sounds ridiculous, but it will grab people's attention to your situation. A good phrase for kids to scream if they are being taken is "YOU'RE NOT MY DADDY!"

9. Know how to escape zipties

10. If you're being followed, change your route.

If you're on foot and think you're being followed, walk to a public place with lots of people around. If you're in your car, drive to the nearest police station.

11. Take a self-defense course

Having some basic self-defense moves in your arsenal is always a good idea. Community centers often offer courses like this for free.

13. Kick out the knees

Using the base of your feet to kick out your attacker's knees is almost impossible for them to block. Blowing out a someone's knees can give you the perfect chance to get away. If nothing else, it will slow down your attacker because of the injury.

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