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13 Things Only "Criminal Minds" Addicts Will Understand

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Criminal Minds isn't just a TV show...it's a way of life. For 12 seasons, the cast has kept us entertained both on and off the screen and it almost feels like we're a part of the team!

But have you ever noticed that Criminal Minds has started creeping into your own life? I have. And these are some of the signs it's happening to you too.

1. You constantly wish you had someone to be Derek Morgan to your Penelope Garcia.

Just someone who will always be there for you, not romantically. A BFF of epic proportions.

2. You get upset when someone insults Dr. Spencer Reid.

Don't you dare forget the Dr. in front of his name. And don't even THINK about calling him weird. He is perfect and needs protection at all costs!

3. You can identify which season you're watching based on who's in the cast.

Gideon and Elle means season 1, Gideon and NO Elle means season 2, Prentiss means mid-season 2, no Gideon means season 3, etc.

4. Or by Dr. Reid's hair.

He's a man of many hats, or hairstyles I guess.

5. You can't stay at a hotel without being supremely paranoid.


I've seen one too many episodes to NOT think there's a custodial worker who preys on suspecting guests.

6. You automatically profile all your friends.

Because she grew up in a single parent household, your neighbor is likely to commit crimes against families due to her lack of family fulfillment when she was a child...or something like that.

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