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14 Tips For Anyone Who Thinks They Can't Bake

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Who doesn't love a homemade baked good? Pretty sure literally everyone enjoys them.

But what if you're not an experienced baker?

The idea of whipping up a batch of cookies or brownies (don't even get me started on baking a cake!) can be fairly intimidating.

Lucky for you, we've got a few tips for you that will make even the most beginner baker feel like a professional!

1. Use non-stick silicone mats on your cookie sheets

These mats will make it a lot easier to get cookies off the tray, plus they'll keep your cookie sheet looking like new!

2. Chill your dough before baking it

Warm dough will spread more, meaning you could be setting yourself up for one giant pan cookie. Cold dough will hold its shape better and give you that classic cookie look.

3. Don't over-mix your dough

Over-mixing cookie dough activates the gluten in your flour, which will give the cookies a firm and elastic feeling. Low and slow is the way to go. When you're adding in "extras" like chocolate chips, use a spatula to fold them in as opposed to using an electric mixer.

Continue reading to see what melted butter does to your dough!

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