14 Celebrity Middle Names That Will Make You Realize Why They Kept Them Quiet

Were you embarrassed of your middle name as a kid? Lots of people were. But honestly, most of the time they aren't that bad! Unless, of course, you're one of these celebrities. Then you've got every right to be embarrassed.

Richard Gere

Middle Name: Tiffany, as in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" or "why did you give your son the name Tiffany?"

Kate Hudson

Middle Name: Garry, with two rs to get the point across

Nicolas Cage

Middle Name: Kim, the name he uses when he needs an alias to steal the declaration of independence.

Hugh Grant

Some E-Cards

Middle Name: John Mungo, as in "Hugh Mungo"

Courtney Cox

Middle Name: Bass, as is "all about that bass, no treble"

Ben Affleck

Middle Name: Géza, as in "Memoirs of a Géza"

Chris Pine

Middle Name: Whitelaw, as in "whitelaw-ter rafting"

Matt Damon

Middle Name: Paige, which is fitting because he won an Oscar for best screenplay (ba dum ts)

Hilary Duff

Middle Name: Erhard, as in "can you believe Amelia Erhard disappeared?" "Actually, it's Earhart."

James Corden

Middle Name: Kimberley, as in "Nic Cage and I both share the middle name Kim and that's where the similarities end"

Kiefer Sutherland

Middle Name: William Frederick Dempsey George Rufus, as in "I promised too many people I'd name my son after them" and "one wasn't enough"

Daniel Craig

Middle Name: Wroughten, as in "last one there is a wroughten egg."

Leonardo DiCaprio

Middle Name: Wilhlem, as in "An Oscar is not out of the Wilhelm of possibilities."

Elton John

Middle Name: Hercules, as in "He was a no one - a zero, zero! Now he's a honcho - he's a hero!"

What's your middle name? Does it match up with these weird celeb names?

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