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15 Adorable Animals That Are Too Cute To Be On Santa's "Naughty" List

The holiday season is nearly upon us, and while it can feel like Christmas tends to catch us unprepared, these 15 little cute furry things are all ready to go! Because nothing says "holiday cheer" like adorable animals.

These colorful guinea pigs.


These sleepy Santa puppies.


Santa Bunny / Hurry down the chimney tonight


I'd be very surprised to see this little reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh.

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Santa The Hedgehog.


This cat looks less than impressed with his costume.


This pug, on the other hand, just looks tired.


There's more cute critters to come!

Being a sheep at Christmas has to have its pluses. You already have your sweater on!

Caters News Agency

Orangutan Santa has to be awesome if you love bananas.

IBTimes India

The cutest little Christmas mouse.


These festive pooches.

Bored Panda

Santa and his reindeer look less than impressed.


Every occasion is better with corgis!


A cheeky Christmas monkey.

E! Online

And of course, reindeer.

London Zoo

What's your favorite festive animal?