15 Tricks For Cleaning Your Bathroom That Are Going To Make Your Life A Lot Easier

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15 Tricks For Cleaning Your Bathroom That Are Going To Make Your Life A Lot Easier

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They say that the average person spends approximately two hours in the bathroom in a week, which comes out to be more than 90 days in their lifetime.

That's a lot of time being spent in a small room, so we might as well enjoy it while we're there!

Here are 15 hacks that will transform and better your experience in the bathroom.

1. Keep your curtain rod from screeching

That awful screeching noise your curtain rod makes when you slide your shower curtain back and forth can be prevented by rubbing wax paper on the metal surface.

A small piece will do the trick. Simply slide the wax paper all over the metal rod and that screeching noise will be gone for a few weeks.

Once it comes back, apply again.

2. Use plastic caps to hold your toothbrush

The top of your bottles can be used for all kinds of creative purposes, one being to hold your toothbrushes.

Cut the size of the plastic cap, like you see in the photo, and then superglue it to your wall or medicine cabinet.

3. Prevent water stains on faucets

The annoying part about washing your sink is that it becomes water stains galore right when you turn your faucet on.

Cleaning your sink and then polishing with with coconut oil will prevent those stains from happening so quick.

4. Make this perfect soap holder

To make the most of your hand soap, trace the soap with a pencil on top of a regular sized sponge.

Cut along the lines to fit your bar soap, making sure the bottom is flat. Then place your soap.

I prefer using hand soap over liquid soap, so this hack has really come handy.

Another great soap holder hack is adding rubber bands to your soap holder dish to prevent the bar from sitting in water.

5. Make your bathroom subtly smell great

Adding a drop or two of essential oil to the roll of your toilet paper will have your bathroom smelling great all the time, especially as people get closer to the toilet.

My favorite scents are lavender and citrus oils because those tend to overpower other smells.

6. Use dryer sheets to clean soap scum

Dryer sheets are expensive, so before you toss out that used one, sprinkle it with a few drops of water to wipe away soap scum on your glass shower walls and doors.

This used sheet can also wipe away mineral deposits from faucets, metal rods, and other fixtures in your bathroom.

7. De-wrinkle your clothes by bringing them while you shower

Whether you've got one or a handful of wrinkled clothes, ironing can be a time consuming.

The easiest way to de-wrinkle your clothes is to bring them along with you when you shower.

Hang your clothes and let the steam do all the hard work for you.

8. Get a shoe organizer

We're all guilty of having like a million things on our bathroom counters.

Things tend to hoard up and we seem to never get to organizing them back in our cabinets or drawers.

The reason for this is because we actually use all products, and it's nice to have them in arm's reach.

But instead of having a disorganized mess on your counter, put these items inside a shoe organizer hanging behind your bathroom door.

9. Control your liquid soap dispenser

If you don't use bar soap, here's a hack you should know when it comes to liquid hand soap.

Wrap a rubber band several times around the neck of the liquid dispenser so that you're not pumping out unnecessary amounts amounts of soap on your hands.

This hack will save you money while still getting your hands clean.

10. Attach a magnetic strip to your medicine cabinet

Keep your bathroom counters and your medicine cabinet organized by placing a magnetic strip somewhere convenient on your bathroom wall.

The magnet will attach any metallic object, like your tweezers, bobby pins, or cosmetic brushes, so you never have to look for those things again.

11. Dry your head with a T-shirt

Right when we step out the shower, we dry our hair with a soft, cotton towel.

This can actually damage your hair and lead to more split ends.

Instead, use a clean shirt to wrap and dry your hair with.

12. Remove rust with ketchup

I'm sure that I'm not the only one to freak out when I see rust. I used to think that the only thing I could do to get rid of my rusted faucet handles was to replace them.

Before you shell out the big bucks, try to remove the rust with ketchup.

Scrub the condiment on the rusted surface, then let it sit for 15 minutes before you wipe off.

Depending on the level of rust you're dealing with, the area will look as good as new!

You can also use WD-40 to remove limescale and other gunk from toilets and showers!

13. Pour all-purpose cleaner in your toilet brush holder

Most of us wouldn't dare touch the toilet brush with our bare hands.

These brushes are probably the dirtiest thing in your home, which means it should be cleaned as often as possible.

To do so, pour all purpose-cleaner in your toilet brush caddie, then place your toilet brush in there to get a good clean.

You'll want to replace the cleaner at least once a week.

14. Place an extra shower curtain rod to add more space

Whether you've got kids or have a lot of products on the side of your tub, this bathroom hack will come in handy!

Buy a shower curtain rod and place it against the wall. Now you can organize your products or kid's toys in caddies.

15. Place your electronics in plastic bags

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To prevent your expensive electronics from getting damaged by water, place them in Ziploc bags while you're in the bathroom.

And if you want to listen to music while you shower, place your phone in a cup to amplify the sound.

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