15 Mouthwatering Airline Meals From Around The World


15 Mouthwatering Airline Meals From Around The World

thaiWe all know airline food has a bad reputation, and it definitely deserves it. For years airlines let their standards slip, some have even cut costs by getting rid of meals for everything but really long flights.

That's why it's so refreshing to see that some airlines are still doing the right thing. With all the hassle we go through at the airport, we deserve a nice meal on the plane. And in an era where everyone calls themselves a foodie, nobody can get away with serving reheated Salisbury steak and calling it a gourmet meal.

Sample a few bite-sized glimpses at the best food today's airlines have to offer and start planning your next trip. I'm thinking of scheduling a few extra-long flights just so I can try as many of these as possible!

1. Shrimp hors d'oeuvres by Lufthansa

2. Lemon chicken on fried rice with salad and tiramisu by Thai Airways

3. Viennese Schnitzel on Austrian Airlines

4. A full course meal from Aegean Airlines: marinated chicken strip salad, breaded chicken with mashed potatoes and carrot cake

5. Finn Air's vegetarian dinner

6. Virgin Airline's "Flight Bite" tapas buffet

7. American Airlines' Cobb Salad

8. Stuffed chicken breast with pasta, salad and profiteroles by Onurair

9. Wagyu beef sirloin with peppercorn sauce on Asiana Airlines

10. LAN Airlines lasagna with Malbec wine and flan

11. Braised beef with polenta and red wine on Air New Zealand

12. Mini hamburgers on Iceland Air

13. Breakfast on Emirates Airlines (berry tart with passionfruit cream and port)

14. Hawaiian Airlines Loco Moco (hamburger with gravy over rice, with a sunny side up egg)

15. Fly Niki's Viennese Schnitzel with potatoes and chocolate mousse, along with their antipasto platter and tiramisu

Share this list and tell us which one of these meals you want to try!

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