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15 Times Kids Gave Unintentionally Hilarious Gifts

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It's the thought that counts, right? Kids get a few occasions each year to show their parents how much they care. While some gifts may be thoughtful like hand prints or words of kindness, other times the well-meaning intention can go horribly wrong- which results in a hilarious memento that you will want to share.

Whether it's a funny mother's day gift, a father's day card, or celebrating your birthday or Christmas, each opportunity can give you a chance to laugh uncontrollably at how funny these little humans can be.

1. A gift that grandpa won't soon forget

2. A card from a 5-year-old girl to her mom, hoping she wins lots of "Pennies" at the casinos in Vegas.

3. A Brown E is the gift on everyone's wishlist

4. When an 11-year-old gets creative licence to make birthday cards for you

5. When you son asks you if you want the ability to read minds. I guess I feel for that one.

6. When a rose, accidentally ends up being thong underwear for this appreciated teacher.

7. A new take on Father's Day

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