16 Cats Who Failed Miserably At Being Sneaky

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16 Cats Who Failed Miserably At Being Sneaky

Cats like to think they are the sneakiest ones of all the animal kingdom. They are stealthy and expert hunters, or at least that is the lie we have been fed.

As it turns out cats are not always the expert spies we have be led to believe. These 16 cats that need a bit of practice if they want win hide and seek.


1. Do I blend in?

2. I am a pillow, I swear

3. Let me just casually peak around this corner

4. I am the sneakiest of all the sneaky cats

5. If I can't see you, you can't see me

6. Master of disguise

7. You won't even see us coming.

8. Perfect, I will just hide behind this barrier, they won't suspect a thing

9. Sorry, nobody home!

10. Sorry, can't help you, I am busy hiding

11. Day 4: They still think I am an appliance

12. No one will see me behind this!

13. The perfect hideout

14. You can't make me do anything if you can't find me!

15. Yes, close the door so I may feast. I mean... I am a juice box.

16. No one will see me now!

Is your cat a stealthy creature or are they a goofball like these guys? Share in the comments!