16 Pictures That Prove Dogs Do Not Care About Your Personal Space

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16 Pictures That Prove Dogs Do Not Care About Your Personal Space

Owning a dog is like having the world's weirdest roommate. They take up all kinds of space in your home, leave their stuff everywhere and demand attention when you are busy. The difference is, having a dog is like having a little love machine that you can go to whenever you most need it.

The only downside is that because they love you SO much, sometimes they don't know when they are getting a little bit too close for comfort. The 16 dogs have the best intentions, but perhaps should just back off a little bit.

1. This big dog who doesn't realize that no lap can really handle their size

2. This perfectly poised pooch who assumes you will stand still until they are good and ready to move

3. This happy puppy who just wants to have a nap buddy

4. This tiny friend who uses their size to get up close and personal

5. This happy hound who thinks you would rather pet them then do literally anything else so they are just helping out

6. This wrinkly goof who is just checking to see how you are

7. This gigantic fluff ball who is probably crushing that tiny child

8. This stripey sweetheart who claims they are comfortable no matter what you say

9. This sweetheart who looks like they've done this before

10. These partners in crime who don't understand what a closed door means

11. This sleepy puppy who wants you to remember they are just as important as the humans

12. This tiny puppy who is so excited to have a new best friend

13. This graceful creature who couldn't care any less about your comfort, this is nice for them.

14. This dignified gentleman who doesn't understand why you are so concerned

15. This proud pup who likes their new headrest

16. And this perfect pug who thought they were your baby

Does your dog respect your personal space? Share with all the dog lovers in your life and see what they think!