17 People Who Aren't Screwing Around With Their Food


17 People Who Aren't Screwing Around With Their Food

Have you ever brought an incredible lunch to work, put it in the fridge, then went to eat it and found it was gone? Honestly, that should be legal grounds for assault. I did not make that perfect salad-sandwich combo for YOU to enjoy.

Stealing food from a communal fridge when you 100% know you didn't bring it yourself is one of the worst offences to commit in an office. Usually, people will let it slide and just quietly stew.

But these people? Nope. They don't appreciate theft and they're going to let you know it.

Check out some of the funniest passive aggressive notes left behind by people who have had their food stolen from the fridge. I'm going to keep a few of these in my mind for when it happens to me.

1. Who has the guts to eat HALF of someone's pizza?

2. That's going to be a rude awakening for someone...

3. Can anyone really stay mad at Winnie the Pooh?

4. Probably should have included a last name, Dave.

5. Is there anything more passive aggressive than a flow chart?

6. This is both passive-aggressive and aggressive-aggressive.

7. Okay, but why are YOU drinking your breast milk in your coffee?

8. This note goes straight where it hurts.

9. Debbie must've eaten the entire fridge to take such drastic measures.

10. To the person who wrote this note: maybe get that checked out?

11. Sounds like this newsroom has a scoop on their hands.

12. I don't think I saw this movie! Harry Potter And The Refrigerator of Disappearance

13. Thought: if you know who they are, maybe you should just confront the person?

14. Bob should probably see a doctor.

15. CAN you believe how this person CAN'T just keep these at their desk? Like a CANteen?

16. Yo this guy is not happy...firing someone for stolen lunch?

17. The reply says it all...

Do you have co-workers that steal your food? How do you combat it?

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