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19 Great Organization Tips That Won't Cost You A Dime

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You'll be happy to know that you don't need to spend a fortune on plastic bins to tidy up your house.

Often when people suggest "organization tips" they're really telling you to build more shelves or pay for some fancy wardrobe system. But if you're like most people, you already have all the shelves you'll ever need and your home is still cluttered.

Thankfully, there are some free or dirt cheap ways to massively reorganize your life. Most of these tips can be done with things you already own, by recycling, or by changing your perspective. So see how many of these ideas you can use in your home!

1. Plan your outfits ahead of time

This isn't just for kids anymore! Spend a few minutes each week planning your outfits for each day. You'll be cleaning your wardrobe and taking some of the stress out of your morning routine.

Make Life Lovely

2. Use bread tags to keep track of your cables

Nothing spoils movie night like struggling behind your TV to figure out which cable goes where while your popcorn gets cold. Labeling your cords with these tags is a simple solution.

Brit + Co

3. Keep Tupperware lids in line with a CD rack

You're probably not using those old CD racks anymore, right? This is a great way to recycle them.


4. Put a clutter box in problem rooms

Often, we make more clutter for ourselves by putting things in the wrong place and forgetting it. Instead, toss anything without a home in your clutter box, then once a week spend time finding the perfect place for it.

Snotty Noses

5. Divide your storage with shoe box walls

All you need is some scissors and an old box to instantly make your drawers feel neat and organized.

Chocola Design

6. Hide clutter using some old books

This tip may be hard for book lovers, but pasting some old book spines on a box is a clever way to hide your junk in plain sight.


7. Tidy up your wrapping paper

Odds are you have a whole shelf of these rolls taking up space somewhere. With a little creativity and some string or a bungee cord you can move them almost anywhere.


8. Color code your folders

It may seem childish but you can tell right away what's in each folder, so you save lots of time looking through your files.


9. Use binders for everything

There's no reason to have any paper sitting in a drawer. Move old instruction manuals, takeout menus and other scraps into a binder and you'll free up lots of space.

10. Recycle old gift bags

This simple design for a home organizer shows how much you can do with gift bags. Try hanging one on your door knobs to hold clutter or trash.

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