2-Year-Old Miraculously Survives 2 Car Crashes In A Row

Our lives are full of such outrageous and unbelievable moments that sometimes the only thing you can say is "somebody up there likes me."

This harrowing footage from Sichuan province in southwest China captures every parent's worst nightmare: a 2-year-old darts into a busy street when her parents aren't looking. While this sounds like the beginning of a tragic story, we promise it has a happy ending.

In the video you can see 2 white cars drive over the girl one after the other. It's almost unbearable, but when the cars drive off the little girl is totally fine, as if someone or something protected her. Watch this unbelievable miracle for yourself:

Her terrified grandmother dashes in to scoop her up as soon as the cars drive by, and while she's obviously scared there's nothing to worry about.

The little girl was taken to the hospital, but she was released soon after with only some minor bruising on her head.


Still, her father says she was understandably pretty terrified by the ordeal. We definitely can't explain a miraculous event like this, but we're glad the little girl is alright.

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