20 Absolutely Stunning/Unbelievable International Borders

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Borders are nothing more than imaginary lines drawn across the map in order to distinguish where one country or territory starts and another stops. Borders are everywhere; property lines distinguish who owns what, city borders dictate where you're paying taxes and what by-laws you have to follow, state lines also dictate laws and taxes (as well as pride), and of course there are the international borders which are much more significant.

People and countries have been warring over borders from time immaterial, and we continue to war over these imaginary lines. That being said, some international borders are stunningly beautiful, insanely dangerous, wildly creative, and sometimes desolate wastelands. Let's have a look at 20 of the most unbelievable international borders across the globe.

1. Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

These two countries share the same, and you can tell the stark differences between them just by looking at this photograph. Haiti has been continually devastated by natural disasters, but it is their major lack of deforestation laws that really allows you to see the stark border line.

2. Australia and the rest of the world.

When you are both a continent and a country set on an island, you have one of the most beautiful borders imaginable. The entire island is surrounded by the turquoise blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. It is also patrolled by a variety of deadly creatures so I don't think they are too worried about an invasion via water.

3. Macau and China.

This border is interesting to look at, but it serves a very functional purpose. When drivers cross over into the other country, they have to make this pit-stop in order to change sides of the road. In China you drive on the right side of the road, while in Macau you drive on the left.

4. South and North Korea.

One of the most dangerous and tense borders in the entire world. It is constantly guarded by  members of both armies. It wouldn't take much to set this entire region on fire, so having an international border incident here would not be a good idea.

5. Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.

South America is a beautiful wilderness punctuated everywhere by rushing rivers, most noticeably, the Amazon river. Water runs everywhere across the continent, so many countries are divided by the water's edge. Take this instance where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay all meet at a fork in the river.

6. Vatican City and Italy.

Sitting as its own sovereign state in the middle of Rome, Italy. The Vatican marks the entrance to its border with St. Peter's Square. This makes it one of the most unique borders in the world, simply with the logistics of it all.

7. The U.S. and Mexico

A long and contested border that has the most legal crossings than any other countries in the world, it is routinely in the news due to illegal crossings. In some places the contrast in way of life is so stark you will wonder if you woke up in the twilight zone.

8. Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana.

The only place where four countries come together at the same point is right here, in Africa. This must make for a very complicated boat ride down these series of rivers.

9. Slovakia, Austria and Hungary.

Wanna have lunch in three separate countries at the same time? Well you can here, they even set up a picnic table to make it happen. The border is so loose between these three countries that they don't care about guards or walls, just sit down and have a quiet lunch with whoever you want.

10. Nepal and China.

This is another hotly contested part of the world, but there are no need for walls here, the top of Mt. Everest acts as a natural border between the two counties. It might be a little difficult to sneak into either country going this route.

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