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20 Hilariously Ugly Holiday Sweaters That Will Make You Say Ho Ho Heck No

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Of all the modern holiday traditions, the strangest by far is the revival of the ugly Christmas sweater.

Once the most hated Christmas gift of all, the younger generation has made these dorky outfits a fashion trend again, and that means you're probably searching for the perfect one this year.

Here are 20 designs guaranteed to get a laugh on Christmas morning:

1. "The greatest gift of all...ME!"

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Nothing says "center of attention" like arriving to your family's Christmas gathering dressed as a present. The real bow and the "To: From:" card are nice touches.

2. O, Christmas tree...

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We know, nothing measures up to a live tree. But this sweater-sized sapling with all the trimmings is a good substitute. Even the faux-suspenders are decorated for the holidays.

3. Break out the mistletoe

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Christmas can be a tough holiday if you don't have a Mr. or Mrs. Claus in your life, so embrace that single feeling with this cheeky sweater.

4. Send in the Santas

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From a distance, this is just a Christmas-colored sweater and a pretty chic design. But once your guests get close enough to see the Santas, the jig is up.

5. "Look what Santa left in my stocking"

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Why should the kids have all the fun? Arrive in style at your Christmas party, with goodies for everyone (or a lump of coal) tucked away in the stocking.

6. Have you seen this (gingerbread) man?

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The most fashionable outfits make a statement. This one says, "Where's the nearest tray of cookies? Because I'm getting hungry."

7. Start the tradition while they're young

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Did you really even celebrate your first Christmas if you weren't wearing an ugly baby romper?

8. Yeah, right.

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Feel free to grab this one for yourself, but the rest of your family probably deserves the next one on the list.

9. That's more realistic

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Let's be honest, we all know somebody who deserves a lump of coal!

10. Looks like Blitzen's been celebrating a little too hard

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If you think that's bad, you should see the other side of the sweater. No, really, you should see this.

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