21 Times Dads Probably Needed Adult Supervision

Experts often say that children learn through play, and fathers are often a child's first playmate, toy, and the person who loves to annoy mom the most. Sure moms are loving, nurturing and are there to make sure everything's okay, but when dads are around all bets are off.

Like children, dads tend to be fearless and have a sense of humor that often makes mom outraged.

Let's be honest though, mom can't be there 100% off the time, so when dad gets his turn to parent, clearly there is some fun to be had!

Here's a list of some hilarious pictures dad has taken while alone with their kids.

I'm starting to see the resemblance

Gotta get them ready for the real world at a young age

When it's dad's turn to get your daughter ready for school

When can't get them to stay in the same place, dad gets creative

Time for a snack break

I'm sure every dad has tried the "Cheerio challenge"

And this dad too

And they use every opportunity to get our blood pressure up!

Why dad? Why?

They always have the right tools handy

No food goes to waste when dad is around.

When you need to multitask with baby

This dad knows how to maximize baby-wearing

Superheros in training

When they would do anything for their daughter

Let's be honest, if you leave them alone with them for 5 minutes, you can expect to come back to this.

When dad would do anything for her

Fitness starts at a young age

When the toy amuses more than just baby.

When you don't want  to get up

Making superhero dreams come true

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Source: The Sun / Bored Panda / Life Buzz