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21 Times Dads Were Too Funny For Their Own Good

You may say that social media is ruining the world, but if you ask me I say it's the best. How else would we get to witness the most pure Dad Jokes on the planet?

These are some of the best dad jokes and responses that made us laugh out loud. Has your dad every made a joke like this?

1. This dad, who practices the "taste of your own medicine" parenting technique.

2. This dad, who just wanted to make sure there wasn't any miscommunication.

3. This dad, who takes the ho idays serious y.

4. This dad, who doesn't need his Christmas spirit slandered.

5. This dad, who takes his job as a dad to the extreme.

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6. This dad, who took iPads to the next level. It doesn't even need to be charged before use!

7. This dad, who will almost always tolerate potty mouth jokes.

8. This dad, who has officially scarred a stranger for life.

9. This dad, who is using science to prove make a guess.

10. This dad, who is probably just addicted to seeing the look on his daughter's face when he says stuff like this.

11. This dad, who sure knows how to ruin a child's day.

12. This dad, who is just doing what he's told!

13. This dad, who is out here making new slang.

14. The dad who obliged when his son asked for "cold hard cash" for his birthday.

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15. This dad, who was making a very fashionable point.

16. This dad, who always comes prepared.

17. This dad, who is just concerned about his child's education.

18. "I Asked My Dad For $10 For Gas, He Said "sure, It's In The Top Left Drawer Of My Computer Desk"

19. This dad, who hopefully has a well-paying job to afford therapy in the future.

20. This dad, who really knows how to hit 'em where it hurts.

21. And this dad, who had the tables turned.

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