24 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life That Much Easier

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24 Life Hacks That Will Make Your Life That Much Easier

We all want to find ways to make our lives just a little more simple. Sometimes you think you've figured it all out and then BAM, someone shows you a trick that's a total game-changer.

Cleaning, cooking, camping, you name it. There's an easy way to get things done effectively and efficiently.

Lucky for you, we've got a list of life hacks that will completely give your life an overhaul!

1. Frozen grapes make great ice cubes for a glass of wine.

Viral Havoc

2. Dryer sheets on dorm room AC units make great air fresheners.


3. Use sticky notes to clean out your keyboard.

On Time Supplies

4. Use soapy water to discover where your tire is leaking. Bubbles big bubbles mean air is escaping.


5. Use a dust pan to fill containers with a small sink.

Life Hacker

6. Use beeswax to waterproof shoes.


7. Weave bacon to make an evenly delicious BLT.


8. Turn on Airplane Mode when you need your phone to charge faster.


9. Use an emptied out sunscreen bottle to hide your valuables on the beach.

Mallorca News

10. Use a basically-empty Nutella jar as an ice cream bowl.

Food Hacks Daily

11. If someone presses all the buttons on an elevator, press each button again twice to avoid stopping on each floor.

Brian Scates

12. The Ninja Fold makes it easier to fold your shirts perfectly.

13. Use a headlamp against an empty milk jug to create a larger flashlight.

Wonderful Engineering

14. Use a muffin tin as a condiment hold for BBQ's and fajita nights.

Tiger Tiger

15. Use a key to unlock grocery carts if you don't have a coin on you.


16. Freeze coffee in ice cube trays to avoid watered down morning ice coffee.


17. Use this chart to determine avocado ripeness.

Trend Hunter

18. Mark your water bottle with times so you make sure you get your daily intake.

Jewel Pie

19. Hang pot lids on your door to make more room in the drawers.


20. Cut cherry tomatoes using two plates.

Dave Hax

21. Use muffin cup liners to stop popsicles from dripping onto your hands.

Cottage Life

22. Use a bathroom squeegee to pick up cat hair on furniture or carpet.


23. Use razors to get lint balls off your sweaters.

The Burlap Bag

24. Use plastic cups and a paper towel roll for makeshift speakers.

Pink Stripey Socks

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