25 Touching Photos That Prove It's Better To Grow Up With A Pet

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25 Touching Photos That Prove It's Better To Grow Up With A Pet

A child needs to grow up in a loving and warm environment if you expect them to flourish. Having a pet is one of the best ways to teach kids unconditional love. No matter how many of their toys get trashed, or how much they bark in the night, kids are going to love their best friend no matter what.

These kids totally get it. They are lucky enough to have their very best friend live with them and spend every day loving them. They learn responsibility and patience and most importantly how to be a good friend. Here are 25 kids who have found their very best friend.

1. There is always time for a hug

2. You have to stick together and help each other figure out what's going on

3. Hugs are very important

4. Patience is perhaps even more important

5. Nap time is the best time

6. Sweet little moments like this are enough to melt anyone's heart

7. Goofing around with your best bud is always a good time

8. But they are also there to comfort you when you're sad

9. It's not just cats and dogs, other animals can be buddies too!

10. Routines are important

11. And lending a hand (or paw) is also appreciated

12. Best friends protect each other

13. And watch over each other

14. And teach each other new things

15. They share important moments

16. And take time out for one another

17. They know how to have fun

18. They have all kinds of fun in the summer

19. Or at the holidays

20. Sometimes it's enough just to be near each other

21. And share a touching moment

22. They know to never cry over spilled milk

23. They always take an interest in what you are doing

24. They always have a shoulder to lean on

25. And they will always take care of you

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