25 Unexpected DIY Hacks For Maxi Pads And Pantyliners You Will Use All The Time

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25 Unexpected DIY Hacks For Maxi Pads And Pantyliners You Will Use All The Time

Ah, the maxi pad. The mere mention is enough to make some people shudder but they are a useful invention without which life would be a lot more... messy.

A sanitary napkin is also known as a sanitary towel, sanitary pad, menstrual pad, or pad. They are, of course, an absorbent item worn by those menstruating. The pad is worn outside of the body, rather than in such as the tampon or cup.

Pads have been around a long time and are mentioned as far back as the 10th century. Comically the first reference was in the Suda (a Byzantine encyclopedia) when Hypatia (a prominent philosopher of the time) threw a used menstrual rag at an admirer in an attempt to discourage him. 😂😂😂

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Disposable pads didn't even become a thing until 1888. Do you know the saying "on the rag"? It's literal because, until their invention, that's what was used.

That was then and this is now. Pads are now used nearly exclusively in most of the industrialized world though in developing countries rags, soil, and mud are also reportedly used for collecting menstrual flow by females who cannot afford the more expensive disposable pads or tampons.

Now you know a little more about the history of the sanitary pad, I wonder, have you ever thought about using it for something other than its intended use?

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If you haven't you are missing out because there are quite a few. As a hack lover, I know some good ones and I figured you might be interested in seeing how versatile this product can be.

Before I start, here's a little tidbit of advice: try to forget everything you know about maxi pads and what they are used for.

25 Unexpected DIY Hacks For Maxi Pads And Pantyliners You Didn't Know About

As A Bandage

Just so you know, pads are clean but not sterile.  However, they are designed to pull liquids away from the body and create a dry barrier between your body and the wet part of the napkin. This makes them excellent wound dressings and additions to your first-aid kits. Also, have you seen the price of bandages? These are more affordable and just as effective by far.

Ice Pack

Hit your head? Bumped your knee? Any time you are in need of an ice pack, why not use a padsicle?

  • Simply soak a sanitary pad in water, freeze it, and place it in a plastic baggy to use as an ice pack.

Blister Prevention

If you have a corn, callous, bunion, or blister, get some relief with a handy pad. Depending on how tight your shoes are cut a few strips from a pantyliner or pad and stick them inside your shoes where you experience the discomfort.

Knee Pads

Sticking a couple of pads on your knees might not look super cool, but your gardening so style isn't that important and they will protect your joints.

Soothe Your Eyes

If you have allergies, insomnia, or a medical condition, using a cooling eye could help solve the problem or at least give you some relief. I cut pads into circles, add water and freeze for quick use as required.

For Potty Training

Those of you who have had to bring a potty in the car know that you need something absorbent to clean it out and paper towels don't cut it. Additionally, super-absorbent or overnight pads have been used inside toddler training pants as a DIY pull-up hack.

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Prevent Foot Odor

Put sanitary pads inside your shoes to absorb your feet' sweat, they will also stop your feet from slipping inside and act as an insole.

Prevent Drafts

Drafty windows, doors, and vents no more. Lick your (clean) finger to find out exactly where the air is coming in, get out a pad and stick it in place.

Protect Your Glasses

Tired of having a bulky glasses case in your purse? Switch out to a smaller case lined with a pantyliner. You will have more space and scratch-free lenses

Fix An Uncomfortable Bra

It's no secret that a bra is an expensive investment. Since they usually can't be returned I've ended up with a few that were ill-fitting. In order to fix them and wear them with ease, I stuck pantyliners to them. Wherever your bra is hurting you is where you want to stick the pad or pantyliner.

Prevent Sweat Spots

Fun fact:  F1 driver Nico Rosberg wears a pad inside his crash helmet so that sweat doesn't get in his eyes when driving. I however get sweaty underarm and it shows through my shirts. To fix this problem I stick panty liners to the armpits of shirts that stain.

To Remove Nail Polish

Run out of cotton balls? The only thing I use them for is removing nail polish. I made the switch to pads and to be honest, I found it worked better. I pull mine apart and use it as I would a ball.

Toe Separator

Speaking of painting your toenails, use a pad between your toes for that salon feel at home. Also because you can never find the actual separator you bought when you need it.

To Add Curves

I've never used this one since I have, ahem, a lot of curves naturally but if you don't and want some, try pads. Hip pads and padded panties have been created to help give a more feminine appearance. It's a bit of an artform so give it a google, but the gist is that you stick the pads to your underwear strategically to give you an hourglass figure.

Freshen Your Drawer

Spray your favorite perfume onto a pad and stick it in your drawer. I do this where I keep my gym clothes. I also have a sprayed pad in my gym bag.

Clean Up Spills

Since they are made for absorbing liquid, you can't go wrong cleaning up a spill with a pad. The bigger the spill, the more efficient the pad is. It works especially well on carpet, simply cover the spill sticky side up and give a little pressure. The pad will pull the liquid into itself. I have also been known to use pads instead of pricey refills for my Swiffer. They work just as well.

When You Overwater Plants

There is never a guarantee that your plant can bounce back from overwatering. If you fear the worst, poke a finger in the soil and stick a rolled-up pantyliner in it. The excess water should be absorbed.

As A Firestarter

Need to get a fire going in a hurry? Pull apart a pad. They work well in a traditional firepit, when camping or as needed for a BBQ.

Protect Your Pipes

Any pipes in your home damp and constantly covered in condensation? Wrap a pad around them to prevent mildew or mold from forming.

As A Screen Cleaner

Have you ever looked closely at your phone? Mine is always covered with grease, makeup, food, and who knows what else. Add a drop of water to a pad and gently wipe. Once again, the pad draws the oils, etc into the pad leaving your screen in much better shape. The soft fibers won't damage your phone or iPad either.

For Sponge Painting

Feeling crafty? Try using a pantyliner or pad instead of a sponge when painting. It works quite nicely IMO.

To Deter Pests

This one is for outdoor gardens and my mother swears by it. Hang them by a string on your tomato plants to scare away any hungry bunnies or deer from your crop!

Ear Cleaner

For dogs, not people. Simply dampen as you would with cotton balls and clean as usual.

Cat Toy

Place catnip in a pad and roll it up.

As A Diffuser

You can soak a pad in essential oil and then hang it in the area you want to treat. Do not let it drip.

I personally keep a couple of pads in my glove department, my bag, my medicine cabinet, and my cleaning supplies.

If you have an excess of pads, please donate them to a local homeless women's shelter.

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