25 Wedding Pictures That'll Make You Rethink Hiring A Photographer

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25 Wedding Pictures That'll Make You Rethink Hiring A Photographer

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When you prepare to tie the knot, it's perfectly understandable to want everything to be perfect. From your dress to your vows, it'll be an event that'll you'll treasure for the rest of your life.

One of the most crucial parts in planning a wedding is hiring a photographer to capture these memories that you can show off to everyone you know.

Even though some people imagine they'll end up with gorgeous pictures, sometimes they end up with more than they bargained for when unexpected guests come in for a cameo or you're seen in a drunken stupor you hoped nobody would remember.

On second thought, maybe it's better to keep these memories in your head.

To prove my point, take a look at these 25 wedding photos that'll make you rethink your decision on hiring a photographer.

1.  A cough or utter disapproval? You decide!

2. Love was in the air for two couples that day

3. When you got it, flaunt it

4.If you don't punch someone at a wedding, did the couple really get married?

5. This dad only had one job

6. I mean, who doesn't climb rocks naked?

8. Not everyone has good balance

9. This donkey just wants to show off his pearly whites

10.  There's too many uninvited wedding guests

11. He's in for a treat when he takes off his blindfold

12. I hope she knows pictures on the web stay there forever

13. Yes, he's photo bombing, but I'm sure he's peddling as fast as he can

14. Not all guests have to be human

15. I wonder if the bride and groom's kiss was this passionate

16. This is a very important rock

17. Fingers crossed this isn't the groom

18. Looks like someone had a too much to drink

19. What exactly is the universe trying to say?

20. This dog doesn't give a poop about weddings

21. Note to self: rethink an outdoor photo shoot

22. Is this a new pre-wedding ritual?

23. Should you marry someone if your cat doesn't approve?

24. Not everybody loves weddings on a nude beach

25. And finally, this is why I'm not inviting any children to my wedding

Did you take any memorable wedding day photos?

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