3 Things Every College Student Needs to Know About Costco

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3 Things Every College Student Needs to Know About Costco

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Costco Wholesale is one of the largest retailers in the United States. Their success has primarily been due to their low prices on most of their supplies when compared to their competitors. The company is known to be economical, thrifty, and in the business of investing in its employees. And that has left many people to find about facts about Costco or interested in knowing Costco history.

Beyond all of that, however, the question that is of interest here is how Costco helps students or what major facts should every college student must know about the company.

If you are not conversant with how Costco works, you might be scared with the thought of having to buy 100 rolls of TP at once or spend $250 on one trip. Each student should check for free Costco essays by GradesFixer to dispel myths about it. Many students who do it will agree that such writing services help them ease their college life and save time. Beyond that, access to Costco research papers topics and titles, summaries, essay examples, and more have helped students do their assignments and write excellent essays until the strict deadlines.

Thankfully, that is not always the case, and Costco offers a great deal that college students fit in. Let’s look into some of those things you shouldn’t miss out on.

Executive membership

There are three Costco membership levels. The Gold Star membership requires you to pay $60 per year to have access to their membership packages. There is another membership level known as Business membership. This level also requires you to pay $60 per year, but there is more. You can have more membership cards when on this level, and you can also purchase products for resale.

The membership level we are interested in here is the Executive membership. You need to pay up to $120 per year, and you have 2% cashback as well as other perks. With the cashback, you have two options. You can either make money or claim some portion of your membership cost back.

You might say that your budget doesn’t reach that and that is fine. Say you have a budget of $300 a month and spend it all at Costco throughout the year. In the end, you will earn $72 back.

When you remember that your spending is not restricted to the grocery alone, then you will begin to see the possibilities. Holiday shopping, clothes, movie tickets, gift cards, and so much are opportunities to spend there and earn money at the end of the year.

It is also interesting to find out that you can use the Costco credit card along with an Executive membership. When you do that, you also get to earn double cash back. The amazing thing is you don’t have to carry two cards because your Costco card also works as your Executive membership.

Ameriprise car insurance

This insurance is another thing you should be aware of when dealing with Costco, especially if you drive a car. It is quite affordable and has shown to be the cheapest among car insurance companies. Costco offers regular discounts on car insurance, such as student drivers and also over special discounts for Costco members with an added discount if you have stayed for more than three years.

As a bonus, you will get free towing, which can save you up to $30 a year on your insurance costs if you have Ameriprise and Executive membership.

Costco’s secret price code

Many people have wondered why things are randomly priced at Costco. But they are not random, are they? For instance, if the price of a commodity ends in .88, then it’s a manager’s markdown. This means they want to get rid of the item quickly. Whereas if it ends in .97, the product is very much new and in stock. Often time, products whose prices were once labeled in .97 are what is later marked down.

There are several benefits attached to shopping at Costco as a student. You get to save and also earn money simply by shopping. Where else do you get a hot dog for $1.50 or a huge churro for $1? At Costco, you can also split your membership, shop the instant rebates or even take advantage of their generous return policy.

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