3 Ways to Spend More Time Outside with Family and Friends

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3 Ways to Spend More Time Outside with Family and Friends

If you want to spend more time outside, there are plenty of ways you can do just that. But sometimes it can be tough to get your family and friends in on the fun! If you're looking for a few good ways to spend some time in the fresh air with your family and friends along for the ride, here are some options to consider.

Walk the Dog Together

If you have a dog, you already have a great excuse to get outside and get moving every day. But that doesn't mean you have to do it alone! Your dog is the family dog, after all. Why not get the whole family involved? You can take turns walking with a different family member every day of the week if you don't want everyone crammed on the sidewalk together. Whether you go first thing in the morning or prefer afternoon or evening walks, spending time with your family and your pup is an excellent way to get everyone outside and moving.

Have a friend with a dog? Again, this is an excellent excuse to get outside together and get moving. The average healthy person should aim to take anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 steps in a given day, anyway. Walking the dog and grabbing a cup of coffee or a snack along the way is a great way not only to spend more time outdoors, but also to get your friends in on the fun. And as the weather gets a little chillier, you can switch out snacks for hot chocolate and take shorter walks. The point is to get outside and get moving together at least for a little bit!

Host a Backyard Get-Together

If you, like 70% of homeowners, also own a grill or smoker, there's no better excuse to invite a few close friends over and spend some time together in the backyard. A cookout can be a great way to get some fresh air, learn some new recipes, and spend time with friends and family. Better yet, you can ask everyone to bring a dish to pass around that will complement whatever it is that you're grilling up. Not only is this a great opportunity to break out your favorite grilling recipes, but it's also an excellent way to catch up with friends and family while enjoying the space you've crafted in your backyard. The weather is getting colder and you might not be able to spend as much time in your outdoor kitchen in the coming cold months. It's a good idea to make the most of it while it's still a comfortable temperature outside.

Work Out Together

Getting exercise is an important part of any daily routine. Whether it's a walk with your family or friends as we mentioned above or a morning yoga class, getting moving is essential to your health. Why not take your exercise to the great outdoors for a few mornings a week? High-intensity interval training (HIIT) sessions only last about 30 minutes, which means you can get a good workout in on your patio or in your yard and then be ready to start the rest of your day in under an hour. And while HIIT might not be everyone's cup of tea, exercise is a great way to get people to spend some time outside with you. A quick run around the neighborhood can be a great way to get fit with a friend. And if you prefer to stay home, move some of your more portable exercise equipment outside to use. You and your family members might not all have the same fitness routine, but working out together in the backyard can still be a great way to spend time with one another while getting some fresh air.

When you want to spend more time outside with your family and friends, these three options are some of the simplest ways to do just that. Whether it's a walk, a cookout, or a good sweat, spending time outdoors with the people you love can definitely be the highlight of your day.

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