4 Effective Ways to Build Social Proof for Your Online Business

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4 Effective Ways to Build Social Proof for Your Online Business

The competition in the online business world is increasing with every passing day. The online business world has become fierce in terms of competition, due to which every business is looking for ways to attract new prospects and customers. The question before most businesses is how they stand out with their tight budget and attract prospects. Well, one of the ways to attract more prospects is by building social proof.

Social proof is nothing new and it can help you gain the trust of prospects and new customers. A majority of the shoppers prefer to check out the reviews before making a purchase and it has been estimated that consumer reviews are trusted about 12X more than product descriptions by manufacturers.

This shows that social proof provides a convenient yet effective way of influencing buying decisions and here are some ways to build social proof for your online business.

1. Clients' Testimonials

Clients’ testimonials are a popular and effective form of social proof that is commonly used by businesses to gain the trust of prospects. Client testimonials are real-life proof that your products and services work the way they are described and provide value in real-life situations. Well-written testimonials can turn things around for your business. The thing about good testimonials is that you can’t get enough of them.

You can display them on social media, product pages, home pages, employee portals like Hyattconnect, and elsewhere where people can see things. Just remember that to milk good testimonials from customers, you would have to offer them the best service and deliver like you said you would.

2. Industry Certifications

Industry certifications can be very helpful in providing social proof. Certifications are proof from reputable organizations and leaders in the industry that you are good at doing something. These certifications demonstrate your expertise and authority to all the prospects out there and are very helpful in luring customers.

Customers nowadays are looking to do business with a company based on expertise and authority, which can be demonstrated clearly with industry certifications. Certifications provide a seal of approval to prospects and new customers that experts have deemed your company, products, and services worthy of such certifications. This is why brands make a big deal about certifications, as it shows their credibility and plays a crucial role in validating customers’ thoughts about their purchases.

3. Partnerships

Having a partnership with a top or credible brand like Travel Air Canada can provide social proof to new customers. With their consent, you can display their logo on your website, as well as on social media platforms. In this way, you are tapping into the social integrity of your partner brand and also promoting them in front of your audience. It is an effective way to build social proof and gain additional benefits from your existing partnerships.

4. Media Coverage

Media coverage is another great way to build social proof, market your brand, and attract new customers. Over time, media platforms such as TV, Radio, Magazines, and the Internet have developed authority and people trust them when a brand is directly or indirectly endorsed by them. Getting the right coverage in the media can certainly attract a lot of new customers.

Remember that media coverage shouldn’t have to be something extraordinary, something as simple as a mention in the industry's magazine or a TV interview to which you were invited would be enough for the job in most cases. Having coverage from various media outlets demonstrates your business as an authoritative figure in the industry to the prospects and new customers.

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